they folks this is Johnnie
walker no special a special
Saturday show link back of a
film studio tree lights
hopefully we can pac but that they so will allow I’m
hoping we could have a really
good up two and eight Pontiac
that’s a really good subsection
to t of that I’m actually EI and
actually mixing them in a 13
songs are they have to mix so I
bought and paid to about six
will mix b and audition wholly create a
template and drag these things
but the Aggies tracks and and
how it works it should be pretty
cool holy cow bobby thank you for the
fact that that is awesome tape
up but they are love it I love doing the season is said
to because of fresh cut the lead
up for a couple hours to leave
the dock my work the graveyard s I, Holman mixing icon to hold us
and I’m bombed us I’m not anti
power in studio one, but it can
go ahead and go through a little for them to share the goal stats
could lead to tight lip service
here he says jingle flipping but
the jingle flipping bells that . And this gives me this is my
morning flattened but but that this is is all I
get my stuff going in the
morning here it’s gonna take me
a few minutes Paul cleary get
their lead a good missed a 12 was herein
and the hopefully I cannot
recall it gets a wholly bass
line up and says Michael jack
Baker met Mi and not get this going into
special Saturday show was able
to do against they have some
personal business day care of
some medic a song really need to focus on
that last byte so why appreciate
everybody holding up until today
eight, red lipstick were to hol of training them to work with studio one
very very cool that all types as
Kelly club ers’ here he says
mail to why this should know
she’s do so she’s just ready to three
things got 17 people in your
colleague in DAW follows thank
you for coming in your colleague
I appr and outputs but he so bad it
took a lot people but but but
that’s not begin to the database
chains and music are longer
clouds. sing a song will listen to it
for couple seconds and we’re
going to go ahead and show you
how least triple weight mystery how I strip away all the
tracks clean the pool and oven
create the template more to open
the template over to start brin and an output was the bad and ugly
new a pull up a song called
paradise area very cool it would put off by Michael
Maples and changes can actually
using my studio 192 on for the wide mike as well as
for studio one source studio one
changes that sheltered optional
clicking recall which forget th bad as if they say they are, if
found you, as a bad if a if I had a bad as soon as I say
is more than a series of things on the Yom eyed peas and beans and have
wanted to hear and speaker, a man so often they say they saw a bad
enough that this is the overall
leaky return the main outs, I’d
do like to two most of the mixi a man is often a is a there are
some timing issues with the
songs and they did not want the
two a square up any tracks would
tak no less of a bad as they say that a bad day as bad as soon as they are as
the bad the overall we got a pretty good
sound on everything prints the
while really mixes thing you’re
right that some of the others on there are some things at IE up a
bee should adjust but I think we’re just in time
ago with this makes the way that
it is right now and again go
ahead and create might come right so here’s the song is no loans and we have all the
tracks and now I’m gonna do is
I’m going to kill file and going
to do receive a and I’m going to CVS S BI and template and and his Idi dynamics beginning
with the bark a camera remote and our and buck
and would begin fourth spoke all
case sold this is the template I’m going to use for this the
time the series is just pop in
and bring breaking the action
could to C meeker pledged to pop
and Sony way I write securely under
take all the tracks and going to delete top all the tracks are going to
see I have all the titles for my
tracks boy should actually
probably this is the Nikkei cure some of
the styling here and works in this this was
actually on another template and syndicate some really good
captures the root of the things
I really like about these guys
are really good with getting
that with three year going through
August, and it’s kind of between
two but a New York on unit was ticket news eight and here is this what
rights sold it and it here is a fee. North as mixers a
crowd sound and the beginnings
of cutting back to me get track
though I can give myself a littl move this all week or all cakes
sold. All Pierce the template by
Michigan to go to the pool and work as my pool reports in
my pool summit restrictions PP a
ticket peppers and I’m going to right click and
I’m going to say remove unused
files and in actually finds that BS
wave files here in the pool on
this version of the song not
been used in this mistake I
don’t want I could lead to beat the files
permit lead this is going to go
it would ever folder sitting and
an actually delete them but I do we’re actually timeout CC bass C
new versions you’d don’t wanna
check that cover swords can lead
remove them from the pool updat B and how we can go filed and we
can go here and CCS to complete and I’m going to call this
template for Bart just like
their Annenberg per description in
Merrimack this Brahms song that paradigms. But the I E up. All they know what song I created a
template from somehow with ago here and a
close . On the way towards the back now
if I go here and go ahead and
right click this summer’s are
removing the response was very cool so if I open the song
paradise you can see that the tracks are
all still here and you can see that the pool
still is occupied route by close there’s entitled to create a new song I can actually go down here I can go to user in IC template
for part and you can see here that in the
template for but I created you
can see that it says a mix from
song paradise the second part in go ahead double click on that
and it opens up mike template
the pool is empty and the song
is ready for new tracts JER see how that works at eight it is BV are E cool and simple
way this is why the CBS eye
option is the best in my opinion because it makes creating and
saving templates so much easier so if I was to go into the
original songs would actually a
kid this will not now begin the
original songs particular
template yo so that’s going head experiment
would get a little bit but 41
beginner step let’s go ahead and
go too worried that the two files and I’m going
to build two white desktop and
I’m going to find and fined up to come up with
JER. And there it was RB song shareware you know what I
think men have to mix. One of
four snap in the drive the
normally work will learn C. Barak is where are his songs new seconds
in price on, but I think I found out
bites on working off the old
file the bats fibers will still
give us an idea so here’s how he
sent m chords and piles and expanded
the use of files into folders of
their own in this folder bank
now I can do and slits even see
wha about there’s a lot of files in
this wants me to work with in
here but taking into account all the
data Hammond organ in this one
case will be some new tracks and
the salt cake cool to so be a re of what I’m gonna do here is a
medical up a level and going to
right click and I’m going to C extract bald and see if it works
project right here over four superstars . All C can see that it be
created a folder to recommend
extract everything from the zip
file it puts in this here see I keep all my clients tough
on their own drives actually
bite but but I actually by E8
separate external drive and put
all m me to be really easy ’cause
you’re in that poll smaller
drives on like Tom proms like
palm drive but I do all the
mixing and sto update two men should B it was
their only bring in the check
back here every dollar and we
can see we have all of these now
one is already stripped, we Gotta do
is bring the tracks up a song
now you can C hereby don’t do a
refresh your ego there is the helping
hands song in there all the
tracks all peso this can be a little
bit TD is for a lot of people
will produce a report in the
drums first you can see here
were clone , so I can really really see
them solvency were looking for
the kick and looks like this one had a
kick it out but I’m not mistaken
protection see here there is B
there’s a kick out news a kick out two points and I
could take the 2:00 AM
discovering the kicking report head and expand this will
lead to weaken rarely should
always come in and make some policy we got here to pets a ticket . Actually missed the boat that
wears to kick the here is the kicker two roasted user QuickTime tracks up here a cape fear interesting new this is a and
BBZ is a big if you guys ever
gone through this the guys ever gone through this
release saying you stop and none
of the labeling it right on my
goodness this is gonna be a toug to lead CIA by confining the
years the snare you begin this
their top and bottom near top PC the ghetto kids are
spare top 2. click of a doubles
and with bullets their top appears that nothing in the
student mix with story. With respect up two and 18 years were they see what’s happening. This is beside the door have any
of the track from the song. Sometimes you just can’t work
out that template on because the
bed labeling by the client and
no candidate does actual to
Saddam but I’m actually going to have
two but dish and each track down
here so they should BC I can actually
click on this mission be the
perfect . Three them that they had used a while, I might not be able to
work off the template on this
one of the pickpocket and all I have
to realize to hire a bundle
after know what a ghostly like
and audition by soloing now I
think you have to go here and go to
start dating to create a new
song and I am just going to go ahead
and I’m going to drag all these
tracks and the so because I
Gotta figure out what I’m here and that turned up this year so
I can really C that tracks , but at the C and my studio one just blocked a
punt yup it just locked upon the bone that there’s something wrong
with these possibility that disk
usage to hear reset the CPU and 0¢ a mile and
a grandson of sale , they have with the disk usage chord with tampering are some
things happen when hard drive to the mixer OK. Aux its backing
off the BPAM the mail call you know what
it was doing what it best: OK-C
lee was doing you see this old
thing moving here it was creatin yard run the detect the sample
rate a bit that the body done
that with all the songs so I know that there OK but I
see what it was doing so it was
creating the cache files I have
a feeling I need to do something
w been selected track and it looks
like the temple file that when
Youtube 87. so I see what’s
happening here so I’m going to
chang and it now studio one will not
have to create any cash files on because I got the temple the
song set right up 80 got to put a little out
here but but but but this and
I’ll see I work on these mixes
on a different machines that
this is so I writes I think we’re back
to normal now there’s no icons
on that bad V wade on the actual
events to pan it tells me the
map bad if all get up but they all gave a citywide
the template didn’t work because
I have but bond of tracks that
are different from what V templa , if I open up this right here actually see that the hands
because he gets stopped moving
now that the scribble like pickles
around this will circle here and
this will tell you it studio one
is processing Sump a question might be why is it
processing Sump the reason is
the is because the file pump all
four of the tracks was set to 87
at so with studio one was doing was
creating cash pile so that you
can actually speed up the tracks
and 87 a 120 so that they would on the chord had studio 1 pound
right temple get it to the
tracks and would not matter
would have done all of that work
their si its repeated 29 people here so
if I close this and I go back
here to the folder or the tracks
originally are actually see if I move this
puppy out my click on these
different tracks you concede
that studio one story telling me
that there change the song of going to drag
these tracks in two of change
them to the temple of the tracks
and I wouldn’t have all that har grid to see what studio one was
going to do with it in the care
and being mined in the B-0 very
very cool so hopefully IE guys g if you’re going to clean up the
pool major cleaning up the pool
from the C bass burgeoned and
make sure that you don’t click
per cut payroll Smalley is I hope
but even I learn something on
that one should solve had us go
ahead and move it into a ravine
are it’s and readable right back two
of the classroom hearing and go
too the start. When going to build two on your
creativity song rights sold the
pass it this time around is NT
Power and this will apply to an
E is going to be the sake of us
guitars is that was a lesson was
trouble shooting at a great stop
the idea like that so many peopl Youtube not just think it’s so
important bound to get become
mike Dole other router creating
answers and said is so
regardless o and other kits can be really
good for everybody certainly
work with studio one of course
but could be called B how I work
here there is a lot of people that do
things but differently up there
when it comes to reporting of
tracks and adopt I am very much
a I pretty much take bold school
can I do everything I just based
on what I have sometimes of the
16th sometimes I might do the pa and it’s going to B a bomb
howling mix when record how wide
edit how IE bomb, why do the
performance and IE and the big
one is g and going to do a big series on
how I write a song and gonna go
through the steps from beginning
to and and with each process ev no problem is not one of your
song is why not do a contest
where people try to create you
and intro so won’t lie like that
idea I fight that T update very cool
switch get into this chairman of
the instruments here talking and keep our drums
and howled two get them all
separate broccoli I unfortunately had to
delete my eight us didn’t sleep at 653 drum kit
because it did not work anymore
for me invite don’t want to miss
it because I love those cells made so here is empty power and good thing about NT powers I
can actually go ahead and I can
shoot for them to 10th to any
kind of loop that I want to but but but farquhar to start
with their step on them but but northern five a day of
fifths of the paragraph fed to the 10th of the fact that there to help
from the area off bill. A
perfect so now here we go here
is a drug traffic and the look that push them to all but but but 123 case against maestro track years
now we are ready to mixer song
won a mix of old school, mix the
audio tracks so first thing wou but I like them both and benefit
the GT what this does is it puts
together blues together EI 2 events are meager one solid
and I would never use double
option for audio tracks consumer
spending capable so you can actually go ahead and
do stand on its own way to do we
want to get everything and
separate track we’re going to right click and
we’re going to look four I think
we need a chord instrument parts and ago. Instrument parts are to
CX bloated pitches two tracts.
Right there with all the tracks but put down at Bowie and it
takes an EIT with an active midi
comment two actually picks up a
separate them into their own
indiv but but the fact that the cues are really really easy
to do that so now we have all of
our drums and unfortunately we
don’t have them late for one of the things it was C
we got the seats to 10th but with this is the kit
that’s been tried to end up with students is the
crash the 10th of this. This year but I don’t know if these are
way to do this so this is behind
that by year’s day but but became this is the open
high at the public polls on the
same track it. But I can actually overlap goals
and 328 more are 10th to but there are going to go into
debt and undertake this one up to date that instrument track to
follow salad at times over here
services. The term one term two . Mrs. and the time three. Also
believe that everything is a
staff that but but but the but but but that were
made some were mode C and there
is another option here on render the instrument tracks
together I think that that’s how
I could post to Pierce the rights and other together
and now I’m going to do this one
of two weeks eight IP and simply
highlight all the tracks and do 48 pounds selection bowl and
with studio one is going to do
is it’s going to make audio
versions of all of the many
track near e to : see it didn’t understand that
that was connects to take all we
spread get out to do this with
what I combine the track I always forgetting I always use
the merge I know that need our
hands, II know that Nikkei has shown me
how to do this and I don’t
remember when you actually have
to merge on the tracks that tip of them about to be able to get the
senate don’t remember how to do
it is the core functions are always forget this . If the merger plans through parts per render instrument tracks and
five per sure that the render
instrument tracks would do it
expensive but but but but but but was the merge shortcut all
the merge shortcut is just the
GT trust the GT gets it right to promote people between
rich and when you bite saint bonnet du wasn’t just
can go ahead and point to control Z are shipped to change my name’s its boldest time the three am right sulfide so high, this bill by comparing the tracks
already all their legal and illegal IC
Mak I could hear Iraq so I
didn’t merge by unmerged tracks
so this is actually B open high
hat and this is B closed I hit them with notices cancel
the issue with happened in four but but but but but I don’t know how to get the
Spinks to be a separate track
why do we not remember there’s time for sure it was pandering
was render instrument tracks to take up to a halt a soap
what’s happening here is that
when I actually going to get
control beyond your control B honest tracks to take a while yet to which its
but but but but but but but but since you must
love the way this is why be
transferred not marked and try
to do something totally
different as i so it’s just that just the fact
that these were separate midi
tracks and now they’re together so what I could do is I can
actually go ahead and a goal and
two I can actually delete the
stoplight open about the trolls
EI wanna actually bring was send this to the bottom soul
so here’s events go to event and let’s bowl
assignments and V open high hat
to the back now if I delete the stop on the
regular-fifth to Ariel songs can
open up this midi track and
disconnect a cure this really is a chance to buy armor file a Z4
from and where adults to a print
of the regal problem solved but
but but but but that’s me makin I can go ahead and dual control
B and makes all of the tempo of
working for between update any
doubt V made a V actually tracks
are the muted protection go
ahead helped them first which had to
do with the way Martin does it
in a highlight this first track,
hold shift and hold this right
he and right click and I’m going to
say transformed two audio track
and it by one to preserve
everything selected 122 and a
coaster 10th of very tall it because it
might have fun but actually it’s
called explode pitches to track
scam explode exploded just attracts all now
that cool thing about this
Michael lee agree with mark on
this is that it intends them a D
and to so that makes a whole lot is set
to point out that the arch at
Boeing and real-time years with
connection I see a question that batesole sold this is how market
doesn’t he uses V top of the
transfer and audio of this is
the best way to do it but you’ll
sti how we actually have merged
goals that it may take all the
tracks together and I thought it
wise V I’m VIV actual our render instrument
tracks but that does not get so
every double we’ve got
everything dawned to assist out
to make bowl and you can see how easy it
is EC everything is on its own
separate tracks and bob but the
only at the only problem was tha all the names are gone now so we
Gotta go through and rename the
ID and so the little bit TDS but
it actually works that I go ba with superstars. On Auerbach two
behind that we’re D of the
transform the audio tours can’t
keep track under if the palm stops and see
the pound stocks to buy go high
level use tracks and then just
go ahead and do a pound
selection and that’s interesting and
actually keeps Vi them into the tracks as opposed to doing this and
doing this and see transformed
audio and actually changers IBM and
things but but but but if you
can still make the model all yet
he got not to worry about that
if y case so if you look at the
tracks you can see the tractor
stereo it this is really simple
folk are taking a crime if you just
click on the little figure eight this
is the channel mode. All now
we’ve got all the tracks and
model we can highlight BS and
dual con . Pol pot. On other all the
tracks that its 10th but but but
but it does transform the audio
keep the track names on the
mixer c help it does not it doesn’t reject because, frustrating but it does not does not keep
the track names on the so if I go ahead and I control Z
all the way back to the original
mandate that I did change the
names on the CIA change the name if I’d highlight the use and I
dual control B which is the bomb
which is the bums you can see
that all the names go to the
track although I have to do is take
all the many track I like them all right click and
say hi. Also not get all the
audience but but we still have
all the many tracks here and B
track will begin actually bring them
up or hide them isn’t there something inside the
wrench to keep track names from
tracts to channels permit the
question but see that what we’re here a week that C shall function editing
maple visibility and color I
assure track numbers of tracks
that the people of different
show with as sir two were four were traced to
rebuild visibility link shall
hide track listing pots and yet
just links it but it does to C anything about
track next channel modes input
controls prompting like that but fortunately there isn’t
there is a way to rename V
actual events you can actually
see here that bob this is of the
says anti here is a wait 22 that I think they would have to go to the
track names permit C general appearance to
appear to work one 2nd. The banned
stimulant don’t show that means
I can actually go ahead and show
my event names are able to
conceal tha there for below me macros, you
can actually C actions and name psychics alike VS and I can say
name and I concede to ROMs mimic a ticket. All C biking. It’s like this one and
this is the crash and making
some prongs and I can state corrections seats changing the
event names but does nothing to
do that here which is optimized at it means but but but buried up or you can
see all the different things
that giga because as transform
change the track and you have
been may I see would make this same
year of new seconds bulk but I did not want to get
with the contest the coronet now it by actually go ahead and
bring back all the main E and go
ahead and T V’s and right click
and C remove selector tracks are we
going back to the maybe I can
actually take all of these
actually acted to commute to
work is call the real thing but from our Los
mikey promote point. Perfect but but but but but all
the kids as if I change the
event names here but they did this was it should.
JER com. All I can actually
click on the on-call click on
the name of the shift enter Double-click on the mango shift
enter better I’ve got about that
one should enter Double-click shift enter Double-click shift enter
Double-click shift enter their
ego and I got all my events and
so would meet at the same is
actually go and IC transformed audio track
watched this problem button
number (button it didn’t do it didn’t do it because the dead and a lead transform
changes the track names to the
event names of the names transform changes the track. To be in that may 8 to 2 that did in fact I change all the event
names and it changed everything
back to compute power again , missing what am I pecans, it does transform the audio keep
the track into mixer channels it
doesn’t look like it but that’s what I’m thinking too
market that was what the single channel
in the mixer up more masculine eight Bakke
but to keep some are weak says if you use
the track notes you can go back a later you have
the time again and name changes
I could do that try saving before transforming a
peso we see that everything here , titled up about BI this these
names and the standard on the go
ahead and do a save in the song is saved and make
this says to give a try provide shift unlike right click transformed audio note it undid all that may make explode transform that name yet that’s what I would have to
do that but the exact date bug
box that would be the solution
but see the goal was to keep the
n I’d get that all but before he
and the whole pleading the
transport would all go back to camp a
leave of stolen Nelson wrote
this try saving the fortress
targets that didn’t work thank you for the optional
Johnny Wischer says that she had
only met in the mixer is
different now I know well it
matches the tr but if I go back on two just the main E I can change the name of that
because it’s only one track and the occupied of the PDC
problems but real bad guy get from that doesn’t work led C. Biden
says BB a good thing to suggest
a perfect songs from the track
menu channels gasp of let’s see
ca when you automate the level of
week given audio track you no
longer have a Manual control the
audio level during the mixing or
c on that while it’s playing at eight Seoul if you go if you
have automation you change it
while playing it’ll actually
holding to leave its top in the
track but to the original automation
position that a quick question
two by the NAZI 10 losses could you expand
as single channel be 40
transform JER a guy thing colleague split
a right sole us since we’re
really diving into this I’m not
going away anytime soon I am
going t , for the exploding pitches the
tracks that looks like you
should change the names after
all is said and done at least at this point to lead the ig hitler’s Israel
question this time anyone else
having trouble with B interface
assignments when switching
between because IE have three and I have
no problem , we can change it so let’s see Ken moss says it
does that one channel work like
a folder no me that only one
channel because the actual
instrument I is just too outputs to selector right to them to take sole BPS
instrument is just going right
to this upon all drums and I
could do this to go ahead and I can assign all
the different drums up their own
outputs but I notice and when you do
that that changing the names
doesn’t matter to see if I go
like this and amp I start
getting output two the console but I can change
the names but bob at Ida it’s
back in a thick piece tracks up
here sample so what I would have to do is I
would have to create the outputs and I would have to go into the
mixer here and anti power and
Unselect portables outputs for
each of the drop and odd that weight bomb every
drum has come up but and that
studio one until I do the
explode bonds to lead and she won the
trip back but but but this up but I’m I’m listening to brains
pop everywhere right of day so let’s see that was our
GCI that of them are weak start
a Microsoft and other update was
several friends of mine said i but the pop studios says blood
is the switch to engage chord
disengage temple control on you can’t disengage temple
control in studio one I mean I if you actually have
the tempo track we’re writing
all sorts of tempo changes to edit the
highlight all those nodes in
just a delete right to me if you could
actually post the link that
video automobile and I would
love it down time he says it
because of the de at bates is the problem with 80
tracks from studio 13 shall be
interesting it work on breed dog until the hard to
make it to some these questions
here but Cecil bob studios as far as
I know there is no way to engage or disengage the top to Michael johnson’s talk to Mike
Martin weeks mart and you can
also set up their outputs inside
NT Power to explore transfer the
a marks says should be simple
thing in the little wrench up in
the track cue , let C. Craig Thomas says what
happens when changing the
channels and NT Power mixer on
IE of study to do anything
unless they all those channels so by go
herein are you can really change
the names herein all you can only enabled a disabling
console tomorrow at the station
up to the companion volume and
then you can choose to compress and oven you get the output
assignments but that’s just like
at 10213. Recruiting nothing to do with
names and their support and CEOs
but Thomas and shall opposite of
what you please them all your answer all about all for
writing audio levels audio wobbles OK so looking
goals of the heart music
actually S2 to the questions now the first time we’ll make
picture that I understood it
could be an eight usually is he says, when you automate the
level of aid given audio track
you no longer have all can I
show you an example that all
take a w the key there’s Johnny studio
that the cuts is JG what if you
assign your midi drum tracks to
different instruments like
impact lookup and on the track means
then yes C now with the impact
that the whole different story
because the track names move
along with the rendering and with
transforming body in third party
plug-in to doesn’t do that one
but at some really good point
becaus we actually a guy with Angela
hart music he wants to know how
to override audio levels when
actually having fixed up
automation OK so here’s 11 of the things we
can do I can go ahead and on the TV use and abuse can
go ahead and go back and do a
control B terry Gould and I’m going to
take a and B committee which is
already muted and a right click, the mall.
When I read as having audio
tracks but 10th. I’ll just let them so
there are a audio tracks and now
one of the things that I can do
in order to hard right
automation I can go ahead and do the switch
gears to watch carefully close
the mixer and I’m going to bring this be a
little bit more expanded until
the heart is a chord you are
watching so if I go ahead and I
act I don’t know if I can do all 120
Cmaj action can go ahead and put
volume of Quebec amid volume volume volume point and go. A jealous like that but
there are all the automation set
the volume down the other thing
that I wanna do is in the mixer a piece of the NT Power track:
second period to take the side of a whole budget never
been displaying been with the
JER may be entered. Also the
deal there’s all of our
automation now if I said all of these
tracks to read prefer to do them all which there’s . All in all the tracks are set
to read now if I move any of these
theaters . One 2nd base would be actually write
some automation are so confined permit to and take this unit take this and must say I want this one to
be lulled by water resistant
idea after the gulf that a
powerful also a whole lot of the
things 10th from the 10th inning and
now you can see how the
automation student worth it
because I have this behavior but
after a flip but the automation were starters
Panini get to Seoul until the
heart is in a one to watch this
one more title careful to eight
a but but if you buy move the
theater during the playback is a book on aging is temporarily
disengaged but from the free
event to lose to the board which you stop the
automation of reengage but but until about musical piece of
that but but but but but I can do that even with the
figure for up to a vote and therefore that effect
of fifths of a but the faders stop V automation
B3 D a sub held but the john Edgar i.e. could mean a type two , right so let’s get back but
CTC would appeal assign a midi
drum tracks to eight different
instrument like impact then
transfor ID your body will watch dead
video and delight stream of coke
a Johnny Alda live stream output
to show everybody who was here
ou wed CBF impact has this prob so it if I go here two Presonus
and I go here here is my 810
bike and drawn as you can actually see
the ball V’s are here I can go
ahead and bob run the dual record the other
song I’m going too busy to let me know I could
probably go like it with a gain
of about on the CI one and two wild poll
eight and NT Power loop in here so let’s see here
let’s go ahead and boredom and
outputs chord in people an inch as can go ahead and I’m
going to use B groove to 510101010 to 10 and 10th 10th
but but the 10th 10th 10 workers with
calls from them up are a perfect push them up of them up for them up the ranks
so here is here is all the names to the
drums are still to come and have the
changing nature of making of the
ticket about me get my cue the
same bank rights let’s go ahead and do the
right click and C a site by
clicking six book pitches the
track not that’s the point that but that did the data did a
decade bob Whitsitt an
instrument panels explode
pitches tracks. A push-up phase
of them up and pay which interesting, witnesses
open her head . Keep crashed near OK so you
can see that these are but a
people’s names of a: the second act on it and go
back and this could change this name
two D two C and actually took the name of its work and work either by that an actually call actually look the best book eight all rights sold the so this
could be interesting I actually
change the name to D and it took
the name from a V impact get all this is a testing all cases
now vice like all of these
trackside or right click of the
transform the audio by just changing the D sound of
a dime of see what the mixer did Talbot up the best messed up but but
but that the two were picked by
not stop push them up from the
fat is a real events and is really messed up and a small lead C. Jenkins
Ellis here he says how can I
change might impact midi tracks
to a single track kicks there
that’s wh problems like the only way to do
it is manually , but that’s a notion has a
video up above on how to combat
this so please outlets output a gold
watch Chinese video and now
we’ll figure out from their power to actually do this on jay
Fiedler talk among weeks but you
can adjust the edit and the
tempo changes on its C. Barr G8 were to mark
them manually and pacts and Martin weeks is why
not just click the little tiny
square to the left of each track
catcher you can get too JER inch album art in me says I
would be happy if Johnnie could
show it in the mix that I have a single
track for mike impact OK I
Gergen I think I’m not
understanding which are looking
for help can I for kicks there except for it would be curious jurgensen
know how you got them separated that I can think I’m
understanding don’t think I’m understanding what you’re asking how can I change might impact a
midi track to a single track the
kit bond last what he’s asking is
that they need less what he’s asking is this
and object you have to ask other
people had me do something you
can actually asked me to do with
4 to see all of that we’re questions on the lost
so you should address me
directly so nice your question
if you actually use the at home
studio so I’m push for the bass so I think
what he’s asking is this i.e. if we have impact they have
the single track input push them
to once I worry about
transforming explode pitches
right now l tank so if I drop this down an
icy expanded to see a bunch of
different output bush and the
default I can do as I can click
on o and then I can go to the kick and if you look right here you
can see that there’s a little
number here I can actually have that goal eye out of the next channel that I
created in the fifth and up to the top of baby output turns
asking Gergen let me know if that was
it . Note that was it so let’s see if we can move
around here Martin says CT my
friend manually and impacts
importance as by not just put
little squar IE don’t know which party will
Martin hopefully martinet this and moss says could we created
track template for NT powers and
we don’t have to rename every up
every time each time im sure yo absolutely Barton Biggs says this is why I
hope I can the fourth the report
should the heat having to
manually read operations in
Bosnia no C. Michael Johansson the market
until the herd music says angels
is watching will put into the
job here thank you will bash Michael Johnson I keep
forgetting my eight and Kmart
two controller as faders you to really using away into
any of Fader from any controller
I2 of Fader in studio one is really simple market so bad C so the way to do that is best so he can C here on money controller keyboard you can see that I have a little
fear made with JER watch track
careful eight sold knowing that I have this
little theatre if you look here
in studio one stupid keyboard editing or
connected keyboard this thing
always disconnects O sold its soul if I move this little
theatre on my keyboard you can
see data shows up in the box
here is yes one may so now if I want this
theater to control my main house
for impact I move the theater
for impacting UCI shows up here house like click this little
diamond in the middle now by
theater controls into solich you can temporarily hope
above to your I2 your mark two
keyboard and uses for automation
very easily so if I was to go ahead and turn
on automation and turn on a cue
from any I have to actually add
one controllers are gonna say
where’s my volume of crackers I
would have to do this with abuse
to Youtube it’s it’s tougher with the PST
instrument because you actually
have two up here ago volume state action shows there on that
and yearly online a mime lines and
now when I move the keyboard body in controlling actually
activates a volume so now all I
have to do is go here and go
touch and plight tip of the telephony and years
and adjust the fish up for them
to pop up to the stage all you
saw me write the automation
using tape from the back to the art and women of the song that they can really really simple as john Akers and hospital way
to what is your website you’ll loops by bad, that C tiger
Martin become prime mime says
BZI just miles through the mixer, find the
Fader that you want to move the
controller Fader and then click
on the triangle exact thank you for the confirmation
makeup pattern of Martin actually
sought bulls C almost as fast as a scratch
backup Gergen says Amy and I have
impact track between the mixer I
have my single track I don’t know how to explain it I
had 16 different tracks first
their cake and times bombed I’m getting needed no
Gergen watts bob plug-in you’re
using of the car because I don’t
know at john grid you find at where to find the right track means to
channels right one privacy it’s like to work out role and Mckay so here are called my independent ROMs . Keep in mutual onion and symptoms but I think the instrument is
gone now that purpose here so if I do this sort in a six blow up now, go ahead
and transform permits second do it some of god . David Gergen says what I want
to see the impact separated in
16 tracks IP Gergen you mean 16 channels and so if you have to be
actually go into all this rights if I bring in NT Power a
tiny actually two questions are
one ship in the track far less than a
week click the colors is another
little square and I don’t know which started
about Martin I’m sorry be conjured is all you need to
use exploded notes to tracts I
Johnny can demonstrate that he
actually did get by bill Johnson and can you link
it to automation instead of a
feeder new show me that can you link it
to automation center Fader I don’t know which me that
Michael because if you want the
automation to be controlled by
controller of locate a right click the IP,
Candace a little bit behind the plot thickens like you showed marked up a bombed out like a show of money
but I don’t know which we barely
get two you can only lead
hardware side are no one else you want
await the faders studio 12 sets
apart and miss it I write so getting back on the
two . We get to automation but 7
feet up a Michael tell you what
to link blocked to automation
it’s ever figure link block to automation instead
of the theater because you’re
not saying that your question the peso JER Intel says it I
mean instead of one the impact
track I would like to have
single track for each part of my
drums up hurt sure to watch closely here and doubt my eight drums right
here but to show this little bit ago
actually under the group, to
pick a bill that bring in your
soul you can see jargon that I
have per hour if I have separate
outputs and in my eight NT Power I have to feed date is on one
output with ensnare an output two let’s do the high hat on three and then we’ll do all the times
on four from now up to 101010101010 for
flight data we have a really have very 10th booth to booth to booth of the shift of if the 10th day
of the fact that keep our
distance company would ditch radical Jordan are still
watching it for a 10th of 9:50
10th from okay but see what
Jordan wants to see he wants to
see all this if I’m understanding use his
question so when she wanna do is one 1st
make sure that if you have any
separate events up here that you
connect them soldiers go ahead h perl you right click and you
choose to explode pitches the
tracks to 10th to defend our 10th but 10th few can’t add it to each of
the many files independently
from another so you can only
edit one at the top just like Oakley chicken that makes a 10th of a connection turned up
on the snap to 10th to wear my
hair 1000-apps but I’m here and
that I have all the time the
ticke before gas light that so he is called
exploded pitches to tracts that should do what you have to assigning each bar
ranged track to the right mixer
Fader you want to correct you
have to do that manually exactly and and you have to do
that with and the GY and debt instruments mixer to
make sure that the proper sound
to go to the proper outputs to
that when you actually adjust
your your controlling all that four the proper channel now I’ve
got my com tracks all playing
here I’ve got my high head track
since the fall between here and Seoul it is a little
probabilities is no open the
inspect open the inspector with dow
peaked back. And with the inspectors for
inputs. Balch eight Gergen says pass
thank you been in the inspector
to sign the AR ranged track to a
mixer track on an item which are saying
there because sorry I can’t do that through the
inspector Nino and unless I’m dealing with
the channels mean I can’t just take this and
assign it song on understanding that where it says channel in the
inspector how you can do it this week to
export but interested in all the good works at white up a so what you’re saying the
cup with your saying the guys that I
don’t have to do it up a theft interesting up a
whole lot of second update: I would try to stop OK sold is actually cool because I did
know that you could do to bring missing here and I’m going to go with the
groups are starting up from
scratch and push but its 10th
but 10th 10th but the official would
meet that is saying if I go here and buy expand this will be
interesting if this works , go ahead and I choose four tracts so would make it is
bound to I have never seen this work B4 . Never seen this work the four nights a leads all learn
together knobs of only one track
your song and go ahead popes and
go ahead and do this within the gathering and right
click and I’m going to say eight upload pictures the tracks that
this is something new to be OK
to sell 10th so it by go ahead
and I change this ticket and make changes to crash but insist their this is the high hat new cue mix with JER was what
you do when you see in Somalia
must assign all split
arrangements to the right thing
OK but this i this is the opened open high hat and this is Tom
one misses time two OK so now if I do hate when I do
this and I do shift enter into this shift enter new CNN
actually changing the names of
the events as well just enter should enter enter shift enter OK so now all of my
individual pages are titled
correctly but but so would make
it is saying is I am even have
to go is Eric eight assigning names to the mixer
channels call him how to do that how did we do that , so that C hear the mixer two plane means two channel medicine by kits work by doing something wrong in the names of mixer check label loop the Mitchell to 10th but but I
don’t know what you mean by
played a loop name the channels salt Johnny at it and I should
be able to do it is right click and say
applied track names to channels
and it’s not doing highlight the model and say
applied track names channels
that storm aux 1:00 AM I doing
wrong label loop name the channels I
don’t know what that means me
come site played a loop in the
channels it’s very derivative of
no . Loop the body play below but
I’ve named attracts the so now I mean I should be
able to do say applying it is
what Johnnie C in the mixer channel spare them
assign the snare arrange track
that they are in the inspect with students writing this can
go ahead and want this to be the
kick I want this to be the smear I want B’s to be the symbols and I want this to B top way why keep same time . Makes sell here’s the cape here’s the crash here’s the snare here is that I have my one polls
all going in the symbols news that open high hat paint here’s the term are I could not know you can use
its 10th but but but but the fat
from her up and its 10th but but
but but it didn’t work it did not work but but but but but but but but
it did not work its 10th but
only did what I can think it
would close to me that doesn’t
make an . Seoul as sorry guys IE was not
able to get back to work and to
me and my head IE you would have
to assign that in the DS the i song can’t quite sure what I was
doing wrong but buried also let
us see the guys are interested
in 31 people here are thank everybody for coming
of hoping that this I would be a
little bit more a successful to
date and I could generate a litt so says think you still need to
either explorer transform a
Marti exploded the pictures I
mean if I transform its gonna
create. my good buddy saying can and
Johnny and because says it work
so I just didn’t hear that
doesn’t work so I’m sure I’m doing something
wrong or not understanding
something like that never
happens often so you I do
appreciate the ef by the two guys put into trying
to explain this to me but a
score, but according to my guess
right here on this whole channel thing does
not work as you guys set the Sino set them up like so I think
of the time the button on a pay
the numbers don’t match because
you are combining times and sym so I had this is one of those
times where Johnnie is not
understanding you don’t have both instrument
assign properly to the VST a PB dye-be are really having a
misunderstanding your if you are going to assign these
to the outputs there is no
reason to do this here do you have those instruments
and the proper others I probably
would be a symbol of course not
because a way that I understood
w you have them all set to one
will of course body via it back
up that could be tabled this is
useless right here this does not do I thought the
way that I understood you guys
talking is the ad says would
allow allow me to assign V
studies ou if I do that here there is no
reason for me to keep and assign
it here that’s what I’m saying so nobody actually the way that
I understood is that this
replaces there’s doing this year by all but OK when nobody said
that’s IE but the pallbearer folk but that allow OK with and there’s no
reason to do this than this is
totally useless if a guy to
setup and the BST anyway eight knowledge is not replace all
cable into me this is pointless because if you have to do in the
BSE instrument anyway this does
nothing and maybe this only in
studio one thing for impact you have to do both call Kate
welcome but it’s still good at
it be if you do this you don’t
have to do this it makes
absolutely so there you have to put but but
that the inspector said setup
and the mix it actually it does
about my opinion it is is not pointless it gives
you a favor for each output this
kind of neat which are not
understanding is in my opinion
the m yet it is redundant increases
karzai to C unless I’m actually
see it working pride don’t
understand I just don’t I just don’t because the idea
because there’s no need to do
both because if you do it here
in the instrument it takes is
all but C use symbols I2 out two set your second Erp start
because of the state’s first and
with meek said you were symbols
two of two set the snare to out
three to four or IE happened was that
I do get earlier setting in here
but this week and does not take this doesn’t do anything to be a spot that I can C body know that he right to deter
earlier I said B up is a good thing this is how I do and start fresh and start fresh Hank and NT Power to 10th and take a cold and put it here and produced 10th to fifth to
eighth dog now when going to create the four
outputs 1234 just like Dan and 14 new chord of mixer this is how I
do work with the cake and one misses big kick suspended its peer is going to be symbols and this is going to beat out . All release up its peer name now I want the key can now find out
what the snare it up two
pressure put the sites that also
end up two because the two sites
to pr On high hat is gonna go into the
symbols it up three I had all but closed and the time to go about four now we got the Riady and assign
the ride two the symbols which
is out three held and should finish and the time there just a 10th of 10th 9:50 10th from the fat from 10 10. Hope. And ongoing least
there and a right click the mix
bowl PP tracks to 10th and they
are already assigned to the
proper f 1010 10th from the fat from but
the 10th to 10th to 10th to
shift from but yet or may have
any . Many of times playing $the writer range to the
TrackThe cue applied when you do
that $the right arrange track to the
right figure there’s no need to
do that because the sound of the
coming out of the correct figur there is absolutely no need to
do that because it is already
work click on the range track in S it doesn’t matter what these are
set too because the outputs are
already going to the right
figure there’s no need to do
this but everybody’s leaving below the Fader in the inspect the Fader immune spec right there’s a kick to O of pop up but but but but but
but but but but new holiday IE see what’s
happening here this all this is
four is to link BICOK up up up bob Kay i.e. CI need
pricey I don’t USB I don’t USB
inspector to adjust my tracks Prieto would I be OK so I called
this is four is basically a
linking the faders so salty
that’s already said so the seat
cues up bothers us get bonds has crashed
fulltime and this is how I have and this is the spirit to 10th 10th but this is the
open high to 10th 10th of a Soviet Steel
since these are already here I
mean the peso when everybody
guessed this is how you signed
the tr all OK so here is my opinion on
this if you don’t use the inspector
doing that is pointless because
you can actually does go to the
Fader and that the channel and ado and adjust things the
way you want if you want two
have control over the correct
figure from the inspector you
meet Olym #this two B saber and now that
works here is the open high hat I
would assign this is C oz’s I
getting the symbols and berry
also there’s all the symbols
here is the will also go to the simple just like that so it would actually make more
sense and I’d had individual channels
and E in the channelview a deadline up with what I have
in the arrangement and this
makes sense to make some bite
click on the kicking conceded
now V bom eight pieces and four assigning
inserts to the right instrument
track I can do that here ago but see
you guys use the inspector when
you mix I don’t think it were just going to have
to agree to disagree I mean it’s
cool if you use the inspector if you use the inspector to mix this is not about whether you
use inspectors about assignments opaque by Johnnie I understand
that but I can get around the
assigning very easily doing
things here I don’t II don’t I don’t need to
do this year I’m not fighting
you guys I just don’t see the
point just don’t see the point me I can assign things to the
inserts you’re just as easily
use your once their links like
that that part of that it would like to use
while stancil pleaded that of that but but but but I do
what you think I get the guy
like, which is a big item biting
you, you just not and two a
plate was had seemed like a pointless
runner out because I can assign
things very easily to the
inserts here to affect the
channels I have but I think it’s a tax
perspective nobody needs to use a pay cut good fight will see I
want to make sure you guys don’t
think that fighting because I get some pretty
persistent and the inspector is
the most useful tool kits where
everything can be Michael
manipulated I totally agree with that we are and perfect 100%
agreement on that but for me four using the
exploded just attract and
assigning your sounds to the
outputs this area is redundant I
don’t think yo as it spread if you will always
work out of the inspector but
there’s nothing that I can’t do
here that I can do here I’m losing friends but but but
but wasn’t the point to keep the
track named after transform me I
was originally and I thought the
doings is this what topless tap
a I thought I love midi hell years
ago yet there are some things it
does are worth it to ride in hitler’s says I’d be I
use the value assignments for
panels on the facts and the
signers are made elsewhere
against GM is he RE says I’m a total new
sly agree on anything to call
thank you to young but but but
but but the study by one of
agree on some of this stuff but I’d both Atty. and meet I do think I
do share of the weight I do
think I don’t try to tell
anybody this is the only way to use
studio one if you don’t do it
this way you are a breaking some
in all major role idled by the work that way and
work that went so you know what
I deal with Johnny in with me
get in other people’s and
actually on that day and a IQ I learned
some think this is cool provided
know that you could do that but
ice I see the advantages to work I totally C where that makes all
whole mess is sent you don’t
even have to go to the tracks
you can literally work editing
of th but CI don’t work, the inspector
unless I have to I do everything
in the arranges duly in the
console the let’s not start of a midi
2.0 it’s got to come up in my
lifetime belt or decided not sake of our
lifetime idol I will never see the 2. Oh I don’t think I will ever see
me to point of the fat backup but a fresh
jam to buckle up on my couch I cannot believe we
spent the whole time on that but
school because I’m gonna do some
videos on its because that I need this I think
it were a lot of people this
whole below is actually quite
cool I did not know that you
could d I did not know that I if you
were of use multiple channels
four year B is D instrument that
you would not be able to pay
back V on that would not be able to
come back to V all range view or the
channelview to the inspector Toby are just as it was great
hope a cool, I’m glad that I was
stuck it out but Bridger people
were like a dying off by due to
a get a and C are juices bust up
on 2 German all like I’d have to
put study we have a bye to
actual bad C. Tyler JER says I don’t
work in the inspector much but
it helps to have multiple
channel science correctly
matched all sur definitely think about a competition for a theme song
all JER you know what that’s a
great idea is a creek right at the idea right you know I’m
serious about what a breakup was
that no bad up . It’s a youth I’d done that yet not in any hurry lot of guys
beat the guise of god and the
guy start leaving a lot of of my voice says bandannas
dollar of this afternoon justice
was holding up all this I need to meet Isaac
have to tell you this has been lost I love going through things like
Best Buy love learning new
things about studio one and understandings sum up all
the deeper features to meet I am
not that no one on studio one some people call me the guru and
that’s very flattering but I am
back by and nowhere close to
where someone like me get it
scare I mean I appreciate the
compliment some stuff but I am
just I’m just a home studio back
and II loved up of putting this
stuff up to my critics don’t understand
is part of why I do this the way
that I could and even the all people like
Presonus and other companies and
said that by my videos and my
lessons are very unprofessional because you’ll somebody looks do
put it like that, of course
don’t we all can’t complain or
another seriously of Sarin a slight but but but don’t we all animated disc is so weird way
and IE like that some most
people that I actually put out
there to peddle sponsors and
supplicant and dislike well yet all read
between the lines of money are
thick but that that’s the way
that I am on my gosh but it adds it can
you played us with more of your
CD’s songs are actually dies of
heard everything shall and I’d me have found the DT
with more songs we do that I
didn’t realize I still have all have marred is sent me a
picture of all the faders
enhance that the Johnsons also may be
let people saying use studio one
songs and do some reviewers that would be become a lot of us
players advice make it better
yet I’ve tried you know I always
hesitate not doing your views pu I do refuse of music privately
but not publicly to some people
even though they said again
eight babies be like what
they’ve don I guess just the way the world
is now eight and I’m you know II
try to be careful doing that I’m
so strong reviews I du private and then I can go into details
and say well what I would’ve
done any it’s all subjective but
that’s the whole thing the
people t that it can be pretty harsh icon as says this show is my
favor showing you to fit as it
did he think it from a Greg I
appreciate that accounts but
that CB m its bicycle that you have
difficulty still I doubt that
puts the IP pet part of the
learning process into chord studios all the time
you see the guy moving you can
tell where the head and a part
because the field does this take it prone to cover just wonder
but the people who got it is
just stupid word of the flubs
something but it’s usually during the
instructional the cinemas to
shoot that cycle cue what what
did he do wrong that I think
it’s more i but how long it took me to
understand what Johnnie in the
course eight but none of us who watched that
whole thing will add her for
dead now but but this is because
unfortunately it was sold our
abil the shifted so thank you for
their ramen I appreciate that
I’m very says odd-poster recover
their channel thank you wander a
pre Robert C. Michael Johnson says
to update and this is I don’t
get her to take constructive
criticism yes I know you do what
I kno her jay says but it bore eight
private pack yard play him take
up its back but that they but
that all enough to win the
denigrat bad game the times says I’m
wrong often mostly here but that
site for the occasional
misdirection sometimes I think
the logic an from Hewlett and tawny would
share and IB would like Ten
Matsuoka idea was asking me
these questions e-mail you will
say so what , like agree to that sold this is this shall it is
all about all of us learned
especially neat because you guys and show me
some stuff that is just
unbelievable had been even know
was there and a Johnny said the
other side grasp something that but but but that I can let
my mom does not amount talks
with the Anza park but they are
starting to do that now but you know what Nikkei cue and
Johnny were patient with me for
half an hour while I’m like I
don’t get its pulpit of all may and it gets just I
could just be here all of the
one I really could I could stay
here all day long and do this
and ju a holy cow but for now that I
just looked at the clock on my god keep up the snapper
guys bad guys and girls Ken moss says four all but is he
as I could realize I’ve been
here for 2 hours your trip below par, I had no idea but the
job that buy dollars another
great show bank deal thank you thank you thank you
are JER JER to keep the best
booking network knowing how it’s
the chord it’s not going anywhere but all
the guys notice that everything
is done here in the studio and
everything moved around eagle
the but Tom this is going to be the
view going forward and I might get some really
great videos play and I’s debt by steps for beginners
for studio one even more beginner oriented that anything
else out there and on that an especially on
some of the hull I work deals ID
get to be a whole new series of
skin a convenient suspect that
it how old to use studio one square
show you how I use studio one but also I have to do I you know
what I am always moving the
right has guys like DAWs D I’s D
+ my voice over guy and close
frie and I he has seen this studio
move around so much over the
years of this is the most stable
that I had to change things on
the d and I’d just have my hands with
the report keyboard my speakers
that set everything is off the
desk everything is now over here in
the back everything is so upon a 20 space back of action to more than that
because this takes up a lot of
other ex. Working by breaking out its a 20
spacecraft and I built this out of just the
wood for my daughter’s old desk
both hats the other thing I get
so many emails has taken the sh and icon on sliders I can
actually slide the singer other
omits out wheels and outsiders
to pick up a home so it is very very cool
and see the times’s daughter I’m
Mike Saul setup first string
section tournament and I’d need
a t I hope we can have V chance to
meet Sunday I’d do I really really do I’m sure me kind is your real
name some DOS dying to know we
walk but but don’t worry, keep
it up to quiet if you want but I
do 10 loss would be 999 donation
all you couldn’t undo the penny
relay eight IE military I hope you don’t get
it I just think it’s funny how it
comes to some types that you
could put it by jay Fiedler says nothing is
ever finished life bus and
sometimes management is greatly
appreciated as exactly I will
put it t I appreciate that you know it’s
just really a I’m lucky to still
be here doing all this and I got some odd could help
for the month of October , to where I’m still doing five
shows a week but I think, might do more of
V’s and we do a couple of the
afternoon shows during the week
to C3 TI get in touch with the
peopl questions out there on notes
guys out there are a couple of
others , because I know that I have a
some pretty awesome supporters on the over there on the other
side of the of the water so I
really one start bob helping those people that more with sliced is now one my
regular Jacob I changes or lose
all the summertime, miss that
money but comets can open up mind
nights out to where I’m actually
going to be doing some shows
that night but 2:00 AM of the so the people on the
other side of the planet can
actually I checked out I know
I’ve got the chord of Bundy
you’re in Chi Paul knight is like T update the
right but that if I get three of
them have but but but but bobby said after
the show’s bank track I
appreciate that night but this
the show is a bit more scattered
that I we have completed another show
where I was completely lost in the gotham Aidid and a soap episode shall
write down all exhibit are
detected but it’s not often I have a Saturday
afternoon myself from the peace and from and this
just like had never that they spoke Saturday
jam: that was awesome have we
had a really good time with debt we are really really get into the time the debt, OK folks
like thank god one feel my voice
now and on my thing community: I
really appreciate other help
from Johnnie and for me get it
was awesome I’d did not get it
until th thank you so much for your guys
patients do but you’ll except eight gift
for me but like to give you a
eight global order complete
design fear channel all
absolutely out if you were on Tuesday spoke a
semi PM I’m all caught up in my
emails now so you can also
settle I’m an e-mail to two V of
the e-mail address that’s going to
show up at the bottom and Johnny
guide each STHE mail that come
up please pick if you want face
b we can communicate there I would
I would love to get some
redesigned stop doesn’t cut it die Johnny a loop
shall be watching now some new
stuff so healthy start it yet
but doubt it would be awesome thanks to a G a son Michael
Johnson the second 20 is here to
the CRB at think he is on the
other side of yours too from
eight had to stick the subject we were
pretty CE says you’ve got neat
track your guys all for it but
but but but if you’re never
leavi its fund is not in its but this is this is what
I meet at some times I want a
big group other times B the writ E40 maybe
50 people it’s just right to it hard enough time with 40
people in the group DB open the
chat but but that bug box that ties
says Biggs JG great shall a son
Michael Johnson passed light street Albert of
the departed for Michael thank
you thank you for the support
they differ the encouragement
thank y because when I don’t understand
something I really don’t
understand I really don’t call OK folks
this is at 33 people in your
thank you for the donations guys
bobby booth at C me actually S.
Bach took up the cue out here bobby
pool to $20.00 partly to $5.00
bible Johnson of $5.00 for those
of you but can’t all I can
masata can beat dishing out there so
many guys to do a similar things
what I do read aloud either
support them and subscribe to
the cha of the appreciate all of it and
eat it is so important EI to
just be able to keep doing this
so thank you so much guys and
johnn ’cause I’m EI remember bob where
I started out with fuel and I
would love to see that watch how
we can actually do what I might and us see a break and get all
the people all the people that
come to see songwriting simple
fight over to your channels well
be product well worth a look so
very very cool so thank you guys
for coming these will be my last
few words that they’re being just for
studio train one on one trip this one. Is StudioLive the whole session is that if a studio one just for StudioLive train ball, the man, ,, , the home studio trainer future site
option offers training and
support for full versions of
Presonus studio one for 999 the more you get studio
one follow state and offers full
support include you have to
brace on one and one training
sessi for Unix evaluations with
detailed tips for a short
personalized instructional
videos and that streaming video
series of stems f become a member today , , they a bad a a a a a a a half a a a a half off a a a a a a a a a a a a a half off if a bad a a