Melissa Klein is the owner of a bakery in Oregon, and recently they made headlines because they refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. Now, a lawsuit was filled and apparently state officials went after them because of discrimination issues, and they were fined $150,000. They said that that forced them to shut down their bakery. And recently Melissa did do a press – a little bit of a speech – at an event and she kinda talks about what this did to her business, and what it’s done to her life. Let’s take a quick look at the video. “I would sit and sketch up designs and sometimes it would take… y’know, several different designs, until we got the perfect cake that just matched them.” “And sometimes it would take two hours of sitting in a cake tasting. And if they chose me to do their cake, [Crying] “I’m sorry…” [Applause] “I would just feel so honoured to be able to be a part of such an amazing special day.” “…that the people who are different than us should never be able to have! and those people cried for their own
things but, cry for me! …because like all right wingers, I don’t understand a problem unless it personally happens to me and I would like to discriminate [against] someone while I feel sorry for myself. Back to
you!” [Laughter] Okay, so that’s at the Values Voter
Summit, okay and so think about about what she’s saying: “I put all this tender love and care into my wedding cakes, now they want me to give
it to lesbians! I mean, I poured my heart into that thing and now you’re not gonna let me discriminate against people!” Now look, I’ve been torn on this issue from day one. I actually have. Because I think that part of freedom is
the freedom to be a dick. Right? And if you’re a small business
owner, I’m a little torn on how much we can let you do that, right? So now, the thing that of course is the counter to that is, just substitute gay people for
interracial marriage and you’ll have your answer. Right? If she — same exact woman, like: “I used to do this for white people, and I loved it! but now this nigger wants to get married to a white girl, ..and I gotta do that cake for him?! You serious?!” Right? And everybody would hate her, right? but now she says , “Now I gotta let this blessed lezzie, and gay guy… this [..] y’know, and so, I don’t want my precious cakes
going to them!” By the way, that couple, that does the cakes, then went and started doing cakes for reparative therapy. So, the people who psychologically torment gay people, trying to turn them straight, they’ll make cakes for them! Jimmy: So are you still torn? Cenk: Again, the small business aspect of it, to me, because remember: we’re a country that the KKK exists. They can exist, they can do marches — you know, it’s a free country! So I despise the KKK, but they’re here. Right? And she’s not as bad as the KKK, she’s got, you know, in some ways, that subtle form of discrimination that is so prevalent in the country, –is– has a worse effect, because, you know, you can easily
dismiss the KKK whereas what she does is applauded in public, and is more widespread, but she’s
obviously not as malicious the KKK. It’s a free country and so I feel like telling somebody “You have to bake a cake for somebody” is a little weird. Right? But at the same time there is
that fundamental and obvious discrimination that we just talked about. Also, there’s one really interesting thing that I wanna bring up. and I’m not sure how this all
works, legally speaking, but when you have like a Catholic school, right? Those Catholic schools can discriminate against gay and lesbian teachers. We’ve done stories where they’re
able to fire a teacher if they find out he or she is gay or lesbian. Why is it that in that case it’s okay,
but in this case it’s not? Well, also, there’s a lot of public
schools who’ve fired teachers just because it turns out they don’t wear clothes under their clothes when pictures are taken. Nude pictures, that they actually have a body! That doesn’t always have clothes on them. Right. And then you get to another interesting point, which is okay you are allowed to discriminate as long as you’re an actual religion [Laughs]. which is the exception we’ve always
made. Religions have been hateful forever [Laughs], so, we let you continue being hateful! Right? Ah, that’s such a great joke. …so that’s an exception we’ve carved out. and so, she then says — kinda like Hobby Lobby — “why
can’t I discriminate too?” And so that’s why I think it’s a tough question. but I don’t have any sympathy for her. Do you see the distinction there? So you have a legal problem, maybe. But you don’t have — you’re not — So you’re against them in spirit. Yeah; when she cries, about: “Oh, my God, imagine if I had to bake a cake for a Gay person! (Oh, poor me)” right? I don’t have any sympathy for that. But at the same time, as a philosophical issue, on what America should and shouldn’t do, I think that’s an interesting issue. So if the KKK opened a cake shop, they’d still have to make the cakes for those people. (that’s right) they’d still have to make cakes for blacks, and whites, because, well even though— No, because the KKK is a national organization, it’s not just two people. People like to say we live in a free market. We don’t, we have a heavily regulated market that is also supported by taxpayers
and the government & infrastructure so when she’s baking those cakes, she’s using electricity, she’s using the sewer, she’s using water, she’s using the road to buy — to get her stuff, that the government — so she using infrastructure that the government and the people of America provided so now you can’t use that infrastructure to discriminate against other people while you’re in business; that’s why you can’t do that. But you know the KKK walks on public streets that we pay taxes for. But they’re not doing business! They’re expressing an opinion. and by the way: it’s not like people go “I shouldn’t have to bake a cake for two homos!” You’re a business that makes cakes all day long. It’s not like you’re sitting on your
couch watching the Dodger game, and somebody from the government walks in: “Bake a cake for those queers!” [Laughter] That’s not what’s happening! “Whaat?! I’m fuckin’ watchin’ TV! I gotta bake a cake?!” That’s not what’s happening! [Laughter]