This is like a time travel. This is the TWA Hotel, which recreates the
world of aviation of the 60’s and the 70’s right here at JFK airport in New York. So, let’s travel together? The TWA hotel occupies today’s iconic TWA flight center, an airline that no longer exists. This futuristic building from 1962 was designed
by the Finnish architect and designer Eero Saarinen, the same
of these famous tables, stools and chairs, that are everywhere in the hotel. We’re right next JFK airport terminal 5.
All that you see here was abandoned since 2001. This building could not be demolished,
because in 1994 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places
of New York City. The TWA Hotel took three years to be build,
since two new buildings were added: the ones in tinted glass around the original building,
where there are 512 apartments. The hotel’s check-in area resembles that of an
airport and you do everything digitally on machines like this. And check out these items,
all of them with the old TWA logo. This card is the magnetic key that opens
the bedroom door. The hotel rooms are divided in two wings,
the Saarinen, overlooking the historic building, and the Howard Hughes, with rooms
facing the JFK airport runway. This is where I’m going. And when I enter the room,
I see a Jet Blue airbus taking off. Look at that! The room isn’t big. There’s this bed, this table and this corner
with table, old style telephone and a Womb chair, also designed by Eero Saarinen. And here’s the bathroom. The shower… With shampoo, conditioner and
body cleaner, all from TWA. The mirror with a great lighting. And in the sink, besides the TWA soap with
this red and white soap dish, they also have the airline glasses. How charming is that? And look at the paper coaster. You know I love a minibar, right? But what I want to show you today is
the safe that’s in a drawer below the minibar. Check how it’s inside. Cool huh? A toy for the children, chocolate, nuts… A wood mockup of a TWA plane. Everything is themed at the hotel. Look at this, a Life magazine
from May 25th, 1962 here in the bedroom. That’s amazing, right? I’m flipping through a rarity… A cigarette advertisement,
something that no longer exists. Wonderful.
Look at this. There is no closet in the room. So the solution they gave was
this coat rack with two extra hangers so you can hang your clothes. And check the robe. Even the “do not disturb” sign is customized. Look at this. As you can see it’s raining now
and I’ll leave to film the planes outside when the weather is better. Time to walk around the hotel. TWA, or Trans World Airlines, was an American airline
that existed between 1930 and 2001, when it went bankrupt. Between 1939 and 1966, it was controlled by the
cinema and aviation tycoon Howard Hughes. And that’s why one of the
hotel wings has his name. It was Hughes who hired the aircraft company Lockheed
to develop a new plane, the Constellation. When she was ready in 1943,
TWA bought 40 aircrafts. One of them is right here behind me.
Today it’s the hotel bar. This bar-plane is called Connie, the nickname
that the Constellation had. She was partially destroyed
and had to be exquisitely restored. So now the TWA livery is back. Of course, I’ll board
this plane, right? Let’s go! This is the coolest hotel bar
that I’ve ever seen. I’ll order something to drink. Let’s see if you guess the drink I’ll have… Cheers! This is really curious. Even the old Constellation ashtrays are still here. Let’s test the seat reclining? See that lighted arch over there? During the restoration they left part of
the structure of the Constellation apparent. Isn’t that amazing? And there is more. This is where sat the navigator, crew member
that with the help of maps, tools and even the observation of the celestial bodies
through this skylight helped the captain to keep the aircraft on the route,
long before the invention of the GPS. This is Paris Cafe, the hotel’s main restaurant,
open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant menu is signed by
chef Jean-Georges. It’s lunch time now, I ordered a grilled salmon with mashed potatoes, peas and truffle olive oil. Let’s try it. Simple and tasty. The TWA Hotel was recently opened,
in May this year. So everything is new. I mean, they are vintage novelties, right? Look at this car. Everywhere, there are memorabilia items telling
a little of the TWA history and its glory years. Look at president Jack Frye’s desk. He was the TWA president between 1934 and 1947. Notice that there’s a cigar, a cigarette and
a glass of whiskey on the desk… I was very impressed with the collection objects
that they managed to gather, like these old posters
and these airline’s crockery items. Here, they recreated a TWA trolley,
with menu, silverware, cloth napkin glasses, swizzle sticks and matches. In this other area of ​​the hotel there’s a
museum with the old uniforms of the flight attendants organized by date and designer. Between 1955 and 1960, the designs were by
Oleg Cassini, Jaqueline Kennedy’s favorite designer. This was the look between 1960 and 1965. From 1965 to 1968, it was the French designer
Pierre Balmain who created the uniforms. Notice that in the early 70’s, the clothes
became more colorful. From 1971 to 1975, the uniforms were designed
by the fashion designer Valentino. Towards the end of the 70’s, the looks got
strong colors and there’s even a suggestion of the items that the flight attendants
carried in their luggage during this period. Finally, some of the looks created by
Ralph Lauren, between 1978 and 2001. – Look at those uniforms and the top models! – A Balmain top model, right? – That’s right. Summer of 1966, Balmain… – How glamorous! – A 1975 Stan Herman safari look. – Thank you, ladies!
– A pleasure! This arrivals and departures sign
is original from 1962. It’s been restored for opening of the hotel. And the interesting thing is that we can see
airlines that don’t even exist anymore like TWA and even Varig. In the hotel store, we find several
TWA branded products. I’ll let you see some of them
as well as their prices. At night, the lights enhance the
shapes and curves of the building. And the shadows that are formed
are beautiful too. The 60’s tiles that they kept
on the floor and walls are impressive. The design of this building is absolutely beautiful,
futuristic, it’s amazing. I’m in love with this place. I’m already at bed and I’ll turn off
this bedside light so it doesn’t reflect in the glass and you can
get a better view of the airport runway. It’s so cool from here. I’ll show you. Waking up to this view is great, right? I left a phone at the window earlier
doing a time-lapse. I hope I managed to capture good
images for you. I’m very happy because it’s a beautiful
day today after that rainy day yesterday. So being able to see all these aircraft
at JFK terminal 5 in New York is really a privilege. By the way, another privilege is what I’ll
do now: enjoy this sunny morning at the pool at the 930-square meter
hotel rooftop. Look at that! Despite the sun, it’s a little cold,
but as yesterday wasn’t a beautiful day, I had to get in the pool today
before leaving, right? This is so cool. You ‘re in the water, watching
all the planes in the tarmac… Landings, take offs, everything happens
here in front of you. And here’s a tip for those who want
to stay at the TWA hotel. You don’t have to stay a whole day,
if you don’t have much time. They also have stays for periods of
four, six and twelve hours, ideal for those who have
long connections in New York. The rates start at USD 99 and you can
enjoy everything, including the pool… This is the gym that is surprisingly
big and very well equipped. But there’s no one here. But with such a beautiful day, right? By the way, let’s take another look at the hotel? Leaving the hotel on this sunny morning
to another flight. And the best of all is that
I’m right in front of the airport. I hope you enjoyed this video. Leave it a like, subscribe to the channel and follow me on Instagram
@carioca_nomundo. Thanks and see you soon!