Hi. My name is Lorena Saedi and I’m a
consumer bankruptcy attorney here in Atlanta Georgia. One of the main
questions that we get from clients is what can be done about alimony or child
support payments that are behind the good news is chapter 13 bankruptcy can
actually allow you to stop an illegal action against you get your license back
if it’s been suspended due to alimony or child support arrears and give you up to
60 months to repay what you’re behind on as soon as you file for chapter 13
bankruptcy protection an automatic stay will be placed and this also applies to
child support or alimony creditors so if you’re having some issues and possibly
facing jail time due to child support or alimony arrearage –is we always invite
you to give us a call come in for a free consult and we can usually come up with
an affordable repayment plan to get you back on track thanks so much