Hello my name is Justin Pinnix. This is
the second video. Before we get started I wanted to mention to subscribe to the
YouTube channel Debt Free Diaries, so let’s get started. I did mention in my
last video that the new bank that I signed up with allowed the option of
having two checking accounts, which was very helpful for me and saving money
being able to put money to the side and knowing exactly how much money that I
would have to spend each pay period in order to combat that debt due to the
fact that I did close my credit cards out and I wanted to touch on a little
bit about how it made me feel as far as talking to a debt consolidator which for
me alleviated a lot of distress as far as being overwhelmed or not having a
solution as far as how I was going to deal with the debt that I had
accumulated and I was considering filing for bankruptcy so I feel by signing up
with the debt consolidation company was probably the best decision for me at
this time and I also wanted to touch on just keeping a positive mind frame you
know it can be overwhelming at times but just stay the course and know that
anything that you’re trying to accomplish in life can still be
accomplished it may just take a little longer and when you find yourself in
situations like this you just have to learn from it and know that you don’t
want to repeat the same path that you are on so for me it just gives me a
little bit a little better understanding on how to deal with credit so I don’t
find myself in the same situation of accumulating a lot of debt again in the
future and being able to utilize capital or having capital set aside so when you
are using credit you can pay off whatever balances you have and if you do have multiple
credit cards I would advise to keep it to a minimum
because that’s how the debt starts is thinking you have access to all this
money but if you don’t have the capital or the money set aside to pay these
balances off you’ll find yourself in a situation such as myself so with that
being said I hope everybody have a safe holiday has a safe weekend holiday
weekend and we’ll touch bases with you again soon. Thanks again for now.