– How does debt relief work? Hi, I’m Ryan Amaradio and today I am gonna share
with you how debt relief works. (bright music) Before I answer that question, feel free to subscribe to this video, so that way when we have more information or answered questions, you will be the first to get notified. So how does debt relief work? Debt relief works in three steps. Step one. Talk with a debt expert to
see if it even makes sense to enroll into a debt relief program. After speaking with your debt expert, it may not even make sense to enroll into a debt relief program. However, if you are in financial hardship, you’re struggling to make
your minimum payments, and you can’t pay what you owe, the debt relief may be
a good option for you. Step two. After you enroll into
a debt relief program, you set aside one low monthly amount to save every single month, and your top negotiators
are gonna use that amount to settle your accounts on your behalf. Step three. Continue the process until
all your debts are settled, and then you can start fresh
on your new chapter of life. Thank you for watching. Feel free to like, comment
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