So John, how would somebody know if they qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Well, Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn’t really have a system of whether you qualify or don’t qualify per se. But, there’s some pretty good tests that you may have to go though just to see whether is plausible or even if your going to have a problem not being able to file because they may push you to Chapter 13. So, first, you need to see if you can “pass” the means test. That’s what we’ve kind of called if over the years. That’s where you either have to be under the medium income line or you have to see it all your deductions that the bankruptcy court allows makes it so you can still file under Chapter 7 because you don’t really have enough money left over each month to pay a lot of the creditors back. Now, another thing to consider whether your “eligible” for Chapter 7 is if you have too many assets because if you have too many assets, you may not have enough exemptions in Indiana to cover it and then you may want to file Chapter 13, because you need to protect what you owe.