Is it God’s will to heal me? Part 10 the final message. Hi, welcome to today’s little lesson. Thank you so much for joining me. We’ve been talking about healing and looking
at the Bible and I got one more lesson because I said at the beginning I was going to limit
myself to 10 little lessons on healing and there was much more we could say but I wanted
to cover one area of healing that I think people are sometimes confused about. Jesus healed people by different methods and
means and we could break them down. I only have eight minutes here. So I’m going to break it down into two categories
and I could break it down no more. But just for simplicity sake, he healed people
by two methods. One was through their faith and them believing
and they received by faith. And you know this from the Bible, Jesus often
told people he healed your faith has healed you or he mentioned faith as a component. But Jesus also operated as a prophet, as a
man even because he was 100% man. But he was of course 100% God. But in his ministry, he didn’t heal people
by virtue of the fact that he was God. And of course, God can heal anybody. Jesus operated as a man, anointed by the Holy
Spirit. That’s why Jesus didn’t do any miracles until
about age 30 after he was baptized in the Jordan river by John the Baptist and the Holy
spirit descended upon him. And from then on we see a supernatural element
in his ministry. He said, “The spirit of the Lord is upon me
because he’s anointed me.” And so he was an anointed man of God, minister. And because he had stripped himself, Paul
said in Philippians of certain prerogatives that he would have by virtue of being God,
he wasn’t omnipresent anymore when he became a man. Jesus was not omnipresent. He wasn’t everywhere. And it’s very clear he wasn’t all powerful. Neither was he all-knowing as a man. Okay. He stripped himself with those things. And so when Jesus knew something about somebody,
like the woman at the well, you’ve had five husbands, that was revealed to him by the
Holy spirit and spontaneously at that moment that was a manifestation of the spiritual
gift of the word of knowledge. Okay. And Jesus said, “I can do nothing of myself. I can only do what I see the father do.” So again there’s so much proof that Jesus
in his ministry operated as a man, anointed by the Holy spirit. So another method he used to heal people was
through gifts of healings. And like the man at the pool of Siloam, he
wasn’t healed by his faith. He got zapped by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, “Will you be made well?” He said, “I’d like to get well, but when the
angel stirs the water here, I can’t be the first one in the water. And so someone beats me to it.” Well Jesus said, “Take up your pallet and
walk.” And the guy was instantly healed and he really
didn’t even know who had healed him. Because later on the Jewish leaders asked
him, “What happened? And what are you doing carrying your pallet.” And so forth. And so he wasn’t healed by his faith in Jesus. He was healed through gifts of healings, gifts
of healings according to 1 Corinthians and according to Hebrews, operate as the spirit’s
wills. Nobody understands it. You’d never going to figure it out with your
brain or my brain. It’s as the spirit wills, but God heals people
sometimes just sovereignly, zam and they get healed. And Christians who see that think, “Oh well
we never know when God’s going to heal somebody.” Because they see God heal somebody through
a gift of healing. But not everybody gets healed that way. Only a few actually get healed that way. If you study the ministry of Christ, the majority
of people were healed through faith. The minority were healed through gifts of
healings. Okay, so gifts of healings, don’t wait around
for them. It may never come for you. Now, they may, God may send some anointed
prophet or whatever, or God might give your pastor the gift of healing for you or something. You may, you may. And that happens, praise the Lord. But God’s doing those things as signs and
wonders to get our attention and to build our faith because faith is what pleases him. He doesn’t just want to be sovereignly healing
everybody all the time. Apparently he wants to heal some people that
way sometimes to spur on the faith of everybody else. So they’ll say, “Hey, God’s still in the healing
business. And let me dig into the word to see what his
will is on this subject and let me build my faith and let me stand on his promise and
take him at his word and receive what God has provided for me and promised me.” That’s what God’s up to. Okay. So when you don’t understand that and you
just think, well back in the ’70s during the charismatic revival, a lot of people were
being healed back then and that’s how God was moving back then. But it’s kind of waned and it’s not happening
now, so we can’t expect it. So I’m not expecting it. You see, you’re making a mistake. That’d be like saying, “Back when Jesus was
on the earth, boy that God was moving then there were lots of miracle, but it’s not available
now.” No, no, no, no. Jesus came to the earth. Yeah, he ministered for three and a half years
and he revealed God’s will over and over again through his healing ministry. 110th of everything that’s been written about
Jesus on the four Gospels concerns his healing ministry. And so he revealed himself once again as God
the healer, trying to build our faith so that we will reach out to him as God the healer. You got it? Okay. And God does anoint certain ministers today
with gifts of healings. Sure. That can happen. And a percentage of people, I’m going to tell
you the truth. A small percentage of people will be healed
that way, but the majority won’t because they weren’t under the ministry of Jesus. And so don’t wait around for that special
sovereign healing gift that God sometimes manifests on this earth. You think about it at the pool of Siloam there
all those people, sick, blind, diseased, sitting around the pool of Siloam every once in a
while. Not every day, not every hour, not even every
week. Every once in a while an angel would come
down and trouble the water and whoever was the first one, and God healed. That’s a sovereign act of God, see. Still required something about a part of the
people. But when people say, “It’s God’s will to heal
some and not all.” Well, think about this case that it was God’s
will to heal the first person who got into the water. So it’s up for grabs. It wasn’t a sovereign’s selection by God to
say, “I like you. I’m going to hell you.” It’s, “I’m going to stir the waters and whoever
gets in first gets healed and I’m trying to show all the rest of you that I’m a healing
God because every single person sitting in that circle around the pool of Siloam, they
could read their Bibles and find that God said, if you’ll obey me, I’ll take sickness
out of the midst of you and the number of your days I’ll fulfill.” See they had a covenant with God that they
could have laid hold of by faith. And you say, “Are you implying that they weren’t
obedient? And that’s why they were sick.” Actually I am. Because I think it was to the guy that Jesus
healed later on when he found him, he said, “Now go and sin no more that nothing worse
may be fall you implying the reason you got in that shape the first time buddy is because
you weren’t obedient and so you open the door to your illness. But I came along and mercifully healed you. But this is not a guaranteed permanent healing
because the Bible hasn’t changed. Health and healing is contingent upon obedience. And if you’re going to go back into your sin,
I can’t guarantee your health buddy.” But all those people who saw that miracle
could have said, “Why didn’t Jesus do that for me? Is he partial? Does he love that guy more than he loves me? Well, wait a second. I hear the news that everyone is being healed
by Jesus, who touches the hem of his garment and comes to him by faith, and he’s tells
people all the time, your faith has healed you.” See, he’s trying to stir them up and stir
their faith up just like I’m trying to do with you. Okay. All right. We’re out of time on this little lesson. Once again, thank you so much for joining
me and for being with me for these last 10 lessons on healing special edition in the
DR Congo. I’m heading home today and I’ve got a long
ride ahead of me. Hope to see you next time. God bless.