This is Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska Bankruptcy
Attorney Burke Smith talking about bank accounts in bankruptcy. What comes up with in talking with my clients
too often times is how is bankruptcy going to affect my bank account or bank accounts? And it’s sometimes turns into a conversation
with them that lasts quite a while and gets very detailed in the nuances and the situations
that come up are too complicated for me to address at length in this type of format. So if you are facing a situation where you’re
looking at bankruptcy and you have a bank account in you owe money you really need to
talk to a qualified bankruptcy attorney to find out how filing bankruptcy will impact
you. There are issues as far as: Who you owe money
to? Which particular bank you owe money to? Credit cards that you owe that might be linked
with those banks and normally it is something that can be figured out with some work and
with some conversation and making a plan on how to deal with it. But going into it without a plan and filing
bankruptcy without knowing all of the factors could lead to some very rude awakenings a
week or two after you file bankruptcy and lead to an embarrassing situation that you
don’t want to be in and you don’t have to be in with the proper planning ahead of time. If you have any questions about this and want
to discuss your case please give me a call at 402 718 886.