There you go! I received now my payment with my Ethereum wallet which i withdrawn here in CoinNess app. You can see it right here “received money from external account” And when i converted it to Philippine Peso I earned 10,119 pesos less than a week and it is all 100% free! Hello to all! Good morning, good afternoon and good evening! This is Aiza Mercado and welcome back again! This is your most awaited video where i will teach you how to withdraw in CoinNess or how we can trade our CNN tokens so we can convert it to BTC, XRP, or ETH. Stay tuned coz i will be teaching you step by step but before that Do not forget to hit the like button on this video and if this is your first time on my channel please consider subscribing coz im uploading videos where we can earn extra money online, free bitcoins, and other stuffs. Okay, lets start! If you still haven’t register you CoinNess account please check out my video desciption for the link and where to register. Upon registering, you can earn a reward maximum of 500 CNNS or estimate of 4.50 US dollars Don’t worry coz i will put in the (i) button the link of my previous video about Coinness. In CoinNess app, lets go to “my page” once registered and downloaded the application click this “sign up for bonus up to 500 cnn” then log in then enter here now your email and password. I have logged in now using my iPhone to let you see this can be used on Android and IOS. Okay, first things first i will show you first how to earn with CoinNess app and show that you can really earn $100 per week. You can see ways of earnings here in “My CNN” 1) Share news/Market for CNN Click news flash then select any articles you want to share via Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp and etc 2) Invite friends You will earn 30 CNN for every successful invites which registers to your link and download CNN app that verifies also their account. Here in invite friends… You can only invite 50 maximum friends if you are a regular user of Coinness app but you if you to be like us whose Brand Ambassador and CoinNess Partner so you can also have unlimited referrals you can send me a message on my Telegram account so i can recommend you to Sir Joey and can now invite unlimited referrals. 3) Add coins on watch lists Just add crypto currency you wanted to get updates/monitor day by day. And the last one, once you registered to CoinNess you will earn 500 maximum off cnn once logged in. Be sure to verify your account here.. Verify you mobile number, email address, Google account and your Facebook account. You need KYC here also which mean that you need to submit valid ID and with face detection to confirm you are not a robot. Okay, enough of that. Now, this is the part how to withdraw the CNN with your “my account” You can see right here that i earned $209 and i got it less than a week. Here in portfolio, you can see withdraw and deposit. I have mentioned on my previous videos we can withdraw it using (check it on the video description to register and make a withdraw) Here in setup first your account… You need to do KYC also or confirm your ID verification you need to submit your ID too preferred ID: driver’s license or passport to approved fast. But nonetheless, there are few markets exchanger where we can trade CNN like,,, With your account, you can see USDT markets and ETH markets… CNN is paired with USDT there CNN/USDT and also paired with ETH.. For me, i will use CNN/ETH and can withdraw directly to my I will go first on my account to deposit CNN tokens… click deposit then select coin deposit and search for CNN this is our CNN and click now “deposit” we should get now our CNN wallet address. cnn wallet is located here just copy it and lets go back to our CNN or coinness app click now withdraw and paste here the CNN wallet address. okay, withdraw all do not forget to click “Send” to receive the sms code then type here the code. CNN deposit is now reflected on my account check here in “my balance” and you will see your available cnn tokens 24,463 cnn in now my my balance. If you are confused with so many crypto displayed you can check this option to display the crypto with available balance only which is CNN. Next step, click trade, you can trade either CNN to USDT and convert it to BTC or XRP but for me, i want to receive it to my ETH coins ph then i will choose CNN/ETH. OKay, lets now trade then with the options here, lets go to ETH then search for CNN. Buy CNN or Sell CNN With BUY CNN, you can buy CNN using your ETH And with SELL CNN, you can sell your CNN to ETH But because im holding CNN tokens if you want sell it all, click 100% sell and we are in limit orders you can set your eth price to the selling price you want but if you want to sell it without waiting time and buyers just set the amount as is DO NOT CHANGE THE AMOUNT. Current selling price, this is the lowest selling bidder… The default amount for selling price is 0.00002643 but the lowest bidder is 0.00002797 You can set the price below this seller or just do not change the default amount. For me, i want to edit this i can set it to 0.00002795 then sell it now. Enter here your fund password then confirm and submit. I have now placed my orders. My CNNs are now sold and i earned 0.663556 ETH Sorry but i changed my selling price to which is mentioned earlier but yeah still same process how to sell CNNs. But still, its equivalent is still 204.75 US dollars Now, lets withdraw this click withdraw then paste here your ETH wallet address alright, next time amount lets enter 0.66355 oops, we can only put 4 digits hehe enter your fund password (you can see it on your account settings) then this TOTP this is our google 2fa code authenticator then submit. Your request has been successfully submitted. There you go! I received now my payment with my Ethereum wallet which i withdrawn here in CoinNess app. You can see it right here “received money from external account” And when i converted it to Philippine Peso I earned 10,119 pesos less than a week and it is all 100% free! Alright! That’s how easy to withdraw in CoinNess App using crypto exchanger and i hope this video helps you. Do not forget to like this video now Subscribe on my Youtube and Telegram Channel too! Like my Facebook fanpage and Instagram account! Thank you again for watching! This is Aiza Mercado once again and see you on my next video!