Hi, it’s LaTisha from YoungFinances.com. Today,
I’m talking about how I paid off over $22,000 of credit card debt. Yes, I did that. Mm-hmm.
I’m that girl. I paid off that debt, yeah. Here’s how I paid off my $22,000 worth of
credit card debt. It took me three years and a lot of discipline, but I did it. And here’s
how I did it. Step one, I went to an all-cash budget. That means, just cash. And if you
watch my video on why you should use cash, you’ll understand why this is so important.
So everything that I paid for I was able to handle with my paycheck. Step two was separating my needs from my wants.
For example, I used to go to the store and buy clothes. I’m a shopper. Even if there
wasn’t anything that I needed, I would just go to a mall just to buy something. You look good, girl. Mm-hmm. I had to learn how to stop emotional spending
and separate my needs from my wants. I decided to evaluate everything that I was buying.
So if I went to the store, for example, and I saw something that I really wanted, but
that’s not what I went to the store for, then I wasn’t allowed to buy it right then. That
eliminated all of my impulse shopping, which turned out to be, most of my spending was
impulse shopping. So I have the dress, which was the very first
item that I purchased with my credit card, and I’ll go grab it right now. So wait one
second. So I have the first item that I ever bought with a credit card. It’s this dress,
and I bought it for $10 at Dillard’s. And I still have it. I kept it because I decided
that I would keep this dress until I paid off all of my credit card debt. Now that I’ve
paid it all off, I can get rid of it. At least now, I know that I’ve finally paid
that first dollar off, and it feels really good. Once I eliminated my need to impulse
shop or eliminated my urge to impulse shop, then I started really evaluating my purchases.
So I separated my needs, and I separated my wants. Once I figured out how to separate
my needs and my wants, I was ready for step three. I decided to go with a credit counseling service.
They were able to contact my creditors, negotiate the interest rates, and figure out a payment
plan, so that I could pay one payment. All I had to do was make one payment to them,
and they sent those payments out to my creditors. So I was able to stay on track. I started
in August of 2011, and I finally paid off all of my credit card debt in September of
2014. So three years and about one month, I was able to pay off all of my credit card
debt, and I know you can do it too. Do you have any debt pay-off stories? I would
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