a question that I get all the time is
how long does drug withdrawal last so in this video we’re going to talk about
that and I’m gonna give you some answers but make sure that you stay tuned to
this entire video because I’m gonna give you some suggestions as to how to speed
up this process just a little bit so stay tuned what is up everybody this is
Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the
solution and welcome to another beautiful day during Mental Health
Awareness Month and yeah in this video we’re gonna be talking about drug
withdrawal alright I know a lot of you come here for addiction recovery stuff
some of you are trying to get clean some of you are worried about how long drug
withdrawal is gonna last and by the way I’m gonna talk about some very very
important stuff so make sure that you share this video because someone out
there might be afraid to get clean because they don’t know how long
withdrawal will last I want to start this video by talking about what is drug
withdrawal what is it and how does it happen alright so just some basic
science about this thing is the human body is always trying to maintain
equilibrium okay it’s always trying to find balance so with all of your organs
and like your nervous system and all these things like whatever you are
taking into your body your body’s like oh what’s this okay I got to adjust a
little bit so when you start using anything in excess your body has to
readjust to find a new normal so this is why you can even have like caffeine
withdrawal or sugar withdrawal if that’s something that you’re taking in
constantly so when you’re using drugs or alcohol even your body is trying to
regain this equilibrium so it’s like okay well this you know guy or girl is
taking in a lot of drugs and alcohol I need to figure out how to readjust so
once that your body finds that new state of equilibrium it doesn’t know how to
respond when it’s not coming into the body anymore
so once the alcohol or drugs begins to metabolize in your system the body
starts to freak out so depending on what substance you use the withdrawal
symptoms can be different so there are certain drugs that have
only psychological symptoms of withdrawal or mainly psychological
symptoms withdrawal and these are typically stimulants okay so we’re
talking about different forms of cocaine of meth and things like that that is
going to give you psychological withdrawals primarily so we’re talking
about irritability depression anxiety insomnia and things like that this can
even happen with prescription stimulants like at all and Ritalin and things like
that okay now with other substances you’ll have both psychological as well
as physical symptoms of withdrawal these are alcohol opiates opioids
benzodiazepines this is going to mess up your mental as well as your physical
state so what that means is is not only are you gonna have a psychological stuff
like the irritability the anxiety the depression the insomnia but you’re also
going to have you know aches and pains you might have nausea you might have the
body tremors and be shaking all over the place some people get restless leg when
it comes to benzodiazepines there’s a high risk of seizure as well just based
on what the brain is doing it to try to regain balance it can make you seized
this is why I always say like get medical help if you are trying to detox
like you shouldn’t do it on your own because it can be dangerous and just
about with any substance across the board there is a high risk of elevated
heart rate and blood pressure okay this is another reason why it’s always good
to get some kind of medical attention I know a lot of people want to do a cold
turkey and I get it I did it too but I was seeing a doctor as well and I was on
a lot of blood pressure medications so even with drugs like cocaine and meth
you know when the body is trying to regain equilibrium there’s a lot of
stress on the heart because when you’re having anxiety for example your your
heart is doing is freaking out alright so this is kind of why withdrawal
happens you get a bunch of neurotransmitters misfiring in your head
and all sorts of stuff happens especially with the nervous system okay
so that’s what withdrawal is that’s why it happens now why you’re all here the
main the main part of this video the question I always get how long does drug
withdrawal last alright so the problem is is that you’re probably not gonna
like my answer and the truth is I don’t have an answer
for you but don’t leave yet do not leave yet because I’m gonna give you some
suggestions at the end of this video as to how to help speed up the process but
I get this question constantly costly for those of you who don’t know me I
work at a drug and alcohol rehab center we do detox but I also meet a lot of
people who are trying to get clean and they’ve been off of it for like one two
three days a week and they’re like how long is this gonna last and I typically
try to stay away from answering that question and any ethical professional
will stay pretty far away from that question and here’s why when it comes to
withdrawal symptoms it is completely completely dependent on the person for a
wide range of reasons one of them as we just discussed is the
substance that you’re using depending on the substance that you’re using you’ll
have different withdrawal symptoms the other one is how much you were using
okay how much you were using and how long you were using but the biggest one
of them all which makes withdrawal unique to each person is your own
personal biology your genetic makeup right your history of other illnesses
anything else that goes on with your physical body as well as your brain and
different symptoms of mental illness withdrawal can be different for other
people like for me personally if any of you watch myopia withdrawal video like
the main nightmare of withdrawal was during my first week okay after that the
symptoms started to go away I still had like stomach issues for a while and
things like that but for me I was very very fortunate to only have a really
last night where it was ridiculously brutal for like a week now for other
people I’ve seen the last four weeks I’ve seen people also struggle with
something called post acute withdrawal syndrome sometimes you might hear this
as pause okay so you gotta think about all the stuff we’ve been screwing up in
our brain and in our body and the body needs some time to heal and catch up so
with pause sometimes like yourself you start feeling fine for a little while
and then BOOM symptoms of withdrawal come back now they’re not as bad okay
like a lot of the physical stuff is gone but a lot of people experience you know
the anxiety depressing the insomnia there are some
symptoms some people experience like stomach cramping they’ll experience
nausea they might get restless leg they might get cold sweats but it is not
nearly as bad as when you first come off of it all right so unfortunately I wish
I can give you like a magic number and this is something I realized with a
bunch of us addicts like we want to know when we want to know when we want to
know when and I’ll make other videos about like what I’m really talking about
when it comes to like when is my family gonna trust me again when are people
gonna forgive me for what I did like and the thing is about recovery is that we
can’t always have an answer for that it’s impossible to but the reason why
ice was with our hand is because when we drank or use drugs
we knew I’m gonna use this it’s gonna kick in like that and boom but the
reality is life doesn’t work like that so we have to be patient the good news
is and now we’re gonna get into the good news the good news is I’ve never met
anybody who experienced withdrawal for the rest of their life never ever it
doesn’t last forever so well I know that you want answers to this just know this
it’s not gonna last forever okay so use that information as some
motivation to stay clean until it goes away all right but now I’m gonna give
you a few suggestions as to how to make your your withdrawal a little bit easier
and maybe speed up the process first one is medications okay medications you’re
gonna have to see a doctor for this so depending on what your coming off of the
most familiar ones that you probably have heard of it’s like suboxone and
that’s for opiates okay so what this does it helps trick the brain into
thinking that you’re still using and then you gradually taper off this can
greatly help with withdrawal I always recommend a shorter taper rather than a
longer one because if you’re on suboxone for months and months and months you’re
gonna go through the withdrawal the same way all right
same thing with something like methadone all these should be tapered very very
quickly and I don’t mean like a day I’m talking like baby like 1 to 4 weeks
depending on who you are I’ve heard of some doctors recommending like like 2
years like that is baffling to me you should never do that because you’re just
gonna go right back in that cycle and a lot of people end up relapsing on harder
drugs like heroin because of it but there are also medications for
alcohol withdrawal and basically what happens when you’re seeing a doctor for
it you get these other medications that not only help with the withdrawal
symptoms to make those minimize but they’ll also help with other symptoms of
like anxiety depression insomnia and things like that like I was on a sleep
medication when I first got clean because I put in sleep you know what I
mean so you should always seek medical help like what I teach my clients is
this it is 2018 like we are given a gift that so many people didn’t have even 30
40 years ago you know what I’m saying like take advantage of this stuff don’t
make it harder than it needs to be I also say this to my clients like nobody
gives you like a gold medal for doing this cold turkey and without help like
we don’t have like an annual like addiction recovery like award ceremony
and we’re like and now for the the best person who did this cold turkey like
none of that stuff like who are you trying to impress just go get help from
a doctor alright nobody thinks you’re cool I’m sorry for the tough love okay
now aside from that nutrition nutrition is a big one too so you gotta understand
you’ve done a lot of damage to your body to your nervous system your brain and
things like that like eating healthy is going to help if you keep eating junk
food you’re going to prolong the withdrawal process okay remember like
natural foods like stuff that comes from the earth that’s not processed Whole
Foods these are going to help heal your body and they’re also going to heal your
mind if any of you saw my video I did the other day on the book review on
blank your brain that doctor dr. faith Harper please go check her out on
Instagram and her website and stuff because she is like a specialist when it
comes to natural remedies and these will greatly help you with withdrawal if not
just go google some stuff okay and lastly I’m gonna say movement exercise
being physical this is going to help as well okay so when I say this like go for
a walk every day get into a very very light
fitness class do things like yoga this is going to help regenerate muscle
tissue and it will also help to heal your jacked-up nervous system Yoga is
amazing for this okay or do some light aerobics go swimming do whatever you got
to do alright so these are three different ways to help speed up the
withdrawal process because I know you’re impatient I know you’re impatient so
when you just want to lay in bed and your aches and pains don’t get out get
moving see a doctor eat right and I guarantee
it will get better but like I said – just know that withdrawal never lasts
forever alright so anyways please please please
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