i read an amazing article about how
seventy eight percent of n_f_l_ players usually go bankrupt no tickets it’s a better and worse than that it’s a
little on ferry cuz they also include like divorce proceedings and and so it’s
not just flat out wrong broke right %uh what it’s like huge number but legal
broke within two years of getting out of nfl how amazing is that why how that’s unbelievable incompetence leaders
that you know on average the of course a tremendous amount of money for was a little different to be fair to
them right an average career last about three years and football right which i
didn’t know i thought they lasted way longer than that and you don’t get paid
as much as i thought that you know they don’t so a lot of those guys it’s not like they
were like multimillionaires and then they go broke so yet that’s why that’s
only eight percent number so i but in basketball where they get all lot
more money right in their careers last long-run average about seven or eight
years sixty percent of players go broke within five years of the alley but don’t see how backing usually happen
now because you’re living this lifestyle
you’re making all this money and you’re spending money like crazy and you don’t
even feel it because you’re thinking hey i’m hop in the high roller have all this
money it’s not a big problem then you retire you stop working whatever and you continue living that lifestyle
without realizing he you have no real source of income anymore and a lot of
our young kids when they go and and nato proper education although a lot of them
went to college college corrected but then i thought as i was reading the
story in policymaking from a financial course like how to manage your money
they’ll be the most useful course not just for these athletes but for
everybody right because they come in and they blow it of course here are some of
the ways able one antitrust family and friends isle of this or one of the guys did that’s and then did too thing to do crazy business yeah they
invest money in the most ridiculous things about it but sometimes it’s
combined franken misses you m_s_ is crazy this one of businesses was inflatable rafts underneath your pouch so that if there’s flooding your couch
can remain dropped shows a real business they suck hundreds
of thousand dollars into and then it turns out it didn’t work out those rats inside can you imagine said
that’s not a thing where we would cover the infomercial and make fun of it
endlessly and wonder whether or not it was a real product nope it and then that leaves the point
of look some of these guys obviously had just done right image if your you got
any kind of common sense you’re back up one hundred thousand dollars presents
threat of it and then you got the issue of %uh kids and women travis henry spiro in back matter fell
wait for the bills for a while senator travis henry has nine kids from nine different one omaha okay travis henry i was in the n_f_l_’s interesting that
of this error here first-hand report made all a lot of money star running
acted now one of the bats with salt is starting running very very good %uh dc tens of millions of dollars just went to jail physique in the fork paying which i
support it that’s until how do you have nine
children from nine different women i mean i could see yourself making a
mistake a couple times right well come on mind nine time when you
look at it looks as a hundred of the store chard cab ideas like seven arcades firm six women so he double up a lot of talk so is a little savir and then of course is michael vick who
blew all this money and and rocket israel has all these
incredibly dumb things they invested including in inspirational movie that he thought was going to blow
up but it didn’t everybody’s got a music record that they wasted tremendous
amount of money on there for closing soon one this house %uh as we speak as you can pay circle one other guy has lost six and a half million dollars on a car
dealership how do you mean six and a half million
dollars on a car dealership spun believable set there because these
guys are huge targets everybody says missus o is the money i get these instill money
from act up so than by then sold out seventy percent within two years as a
devastating number