step Away from Bankruptcy You know..?? did Henry ford go to bankrupt making it big Its 2 times here are the two companies that Henry Ford failed to make it big First one is Detroit automobile company And second one Henry Ford company this time he make his name as a brand but its failed But is failed Now we will check the reason why its failed First Detroit Automobile company when he launches the first company, Ford Quits his day job However, he was a talented engineer was unable to balance the finances of his company And Finally Unable to repay his investors, he was forced to file bankruptcy He was forced to file the Bankrupcty You can see the logo of his first company Here is article of the company The article says this is the best car company have at that time If you want you can check by pause the video and you can And the two other are photos which taken from the Ford museum Belongs to Detroit Automobile company Now the Ford second chance he failed to properly brand and market his vehicles which spelled financial disaster The public did not understand Ford’s invention and his sales tanked In same way as first time, Once again, unable to pay his debts, Henry Ford filed for bankruptcy second time Not like before two times Third Time’s a Charm with Ford motor company Undeterred, Henry Ford saw bankruptcy as a clean slate and continued with his passion This time he had more experience under his belt and could correct the mistakes he made with his 2 bankrupted and ford motor company And captured everyone’s attention by breaking the land speed record with his invention Ford forged on by creating the new simple, study, cheap Model T design He also utilized the famous moving assembly line that increased productivity immensely Here are the ford company logos till now check it… Here are the three things that we can learn from Henry ford First one is Think Optimistically Henry Ford once said “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way, you are right” Although he only had 2 years of formal education he believed he could make cars affordable for the average person It was a huge dream that would take many years to achieve With hard work, perseverance and innovation his vision ultimately became a reality ford not only became extremely wealthy, he also changed the world If he wasn’t optimistic about his goals and dreams he would have give up And second one next one is Failure isn’t failure if you learn from it Henry Ford once said Failure is the opportunity to begin again—this time more intelligently Ford realized that failure wasn’t really failure, as As he learned something from experience Although Mr. Ford went bankrupt for couple of times, he did not give up on his dream He also said, “We must learn that setbacks which we endure help us in our marching forward” Third One Preparation and Attention To Detail Is Essential As Henry Ford said, “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.” .” One of the reasons that the Model T was so successful was that Ford and his designers paid attention to the tiniest details Everything that they had learned from their previous models was carefully considered when designing the Model T In his book, My Life And Work, he said “Every detail had been fully tested in practice. There was no guessing as to whether or not it would be a successful model Ford Motor Company ultimately produced 15 million Model T’s with in 19 years. These are the three you can learn from Henry Ford Yes, Henry Ford was responsible for countless historical contributions Did you Know Here are the Henry ford secreats Henry was fired for his first job Thomas and Henry are remained as close friend Early in his career, Henry built and drove Race cars Henry created a Ford social department to monitor employee habits. Like gambling and Drinking Henry was also philanthropist; he established seven schools through the country Check the article given on the henry Ford Here is one more article Ford sold 4 million cars in four years If you like the video dont forget to subscribe now Now its now If you dont subscribe henry Ford will not be happy Subscribe us now This is my first video I think i have made many mistakes In Audio format and all the stuff If you think , if you want to suggest me i want to improve comment Bellow