Bankruptcy cost depending on each individual
situation. I have a post in my office that we do not
quote attorney’s fees over the phone. That’s not what usually happens with most
of my competitors. They will have somebody call up to their office
and say “How much you charge for Chapter 7?” or “How much you charge for Chapter
13?” and give them a quote. My theory behind that is, I wanna quote the
correct amount of attorney’s fees based on the individual situation of my clients. If somebody has a very easy case with relatively
low work, I’m gonna quote them a low fee. If they have a complicated case, I’m gonna
quote them a higher fee in order to make sure that I get all the work that needs to be done,
Done. My theory is that if somebody quotes fees
on the phone, there’s only two things that are happening. They are either charging not enough which
means that they are going to resent the work that they’ve done on your file and try to
cut corners potentially or They charge you with way too much. And if they charge you too much, they’re
basically ripping you off. So that’s why I visit with every single
client individually. I write an action plan that what needs to
happen in your case and quote you fee that is custom to your actual individual bankruptcy