My name is Hugh Mtshali. I am from South Africa. I am the CEO and a businessman and by profession I am an analitical chemist. And next to me is my business partner. One of my businesses is in the manufacturing of healthcare products. It’s one of the most important products in South Africa, where we supply the government of South Africa. The business has been around for more than twenty years. At some stage, about ten years ago we started experiencing some issues in the business. The business had financial challenges, we then had some attacks. Through those attacks, we thought: “What is going wrong?” We called upon other third party agencies to come over and test our product to see if anything was wrong. or if there was anything we could improve. But then we found out that there was nothing wrong with our product. I tried to speak to some influential people to see what kind of intervention they could bring in this whole challenge that we were facing. Our business appointed more than two hundred people and most of them were black women, unemployed people. So we thought: “Let’s take them from poverty and unemployment and give decent jobs.” But then, when we started getting those challenges because we weren’t able to sell the product because it could not be approved, to be tested. We went to get some funding debt from a bank in South Africa. And then, at some stage, this attack led us to the fact that we couldn’t service the debt. So then we started getting into problems and it just went on and on. And it really affected me, big time. At some stage, we were coming from a place in Pumalanga and I found out that my blood pressure was very high. So that was the stress that the business had on me, personally. So I was hospitalized for about a week and my BP was at about 220, that could cause a stroke. After we received help from the bank, we were unable to service the debt. We tried everything. We tried everything humanly possible. My colleague kept on telling me about Emmanuel TV: “Try Emmanuel TV, pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua.” And then I said: “Ok, I will give it a try at some time.” And then the bank sent us these papers, letters of demand, meaning that they wanted their money, otherwise we were going to get into trouble. It stressed my wife, Naomi, big time. And then we were about to undertake this trip to New York where my daughter was studying. At some stage she wanted to cancel the trip saying, “How are we going to travel whilst we are in pain”. She was like, “We don’t want our houses, our properties to be repossessed”. So I said, “Ok, we’ll make a plan”. Then I took up the advice from my business partner and said: “We’ll just pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, when he prompts you to touch the screen.” So what I did was that I took those papers from the bank and as he was prompting us to pray along, I took those papers and put them onto the screen. And the debt was millions and millions of Rand, big millions. So I put those papers on the screen. The papers from the bank? From the bank. Those are letters of demand and this was no game. I put them along and I prayed along. As I put my papers on the screen, I felt some energy. You felt…? Energy. I will put it in the human language: “Zzz!” Alright? So that was obviously the power of God. It happened, I put the papers away. My wife kept on saying, “Why are we going?” We left and I would say to her, “You know, things will be alright. Don’t be afraid”. And nine days later, while we were overseas, I saw this email letter from the bank. I read it once, twice, thrice. It kept on saying the same thing, “The debt has been cancelled”. I said: “No, it can’t be.” Shall we put our hands together for our Lord Jesus! After that, because I wouldn’t show my wife something I wasn’t sure about because then I would get a smack. I then was strong enough in my resolve to show it to my wife. I didn’t even want to talk or say anything. I just showed her the letter. She read it. She cried. She said, “Is it real?” I said, “Well, that’s what it says”. So she read it again. I then thought: “Ok, let me phone our business partners back in South Africa to say, “Are we on the same page? Are you reading what I’m reading?”” Then they said, “Hugh, we’ve been looking for you because of this”. Basically, what that letter said was: “The debt has been cancelled. You have one day to sign to agree, whether you want your debt to be cancelled or not.” Number one. Number two, it said: “You have been selected to qualify for a certain program.” Which I never applied for. So… Mr. Hugh Mtshali & Business Partner
Emmanuel TV Testimony So, I was hit with two miracles at the same time. Of course, I signed it off immediately and I sent it back to South Africa. We checked if that letter was authentic and yes, it was authentic. We spoke to the bank, the bank said, “We’ve been waiting for your signature”. So I thought it was highly imperative for me – this is my first time here at The SCOAN to share this wonderful testimony. I wouldn’t have hidden it because you don’t hide things from God. It would be a travesty. I won those blessings from God. So, I tested Him and He intervened at the right time. So, it shows that God’s timing was perfect because during that trip it was traumatic. I kept a brave face to my wife to say, “It’s going to be fine”, although, I felt worried. But I had that belief to give God a chance. So the debt is zero. I’m here to give this testimony to the wonderful people. Mr. Hugh Mtshali & Business Partner
Emmanuel TV Testimony Give God a chance at all times. Trust in Him. He is the biggest intervention, strategy, plan – whatever you may call it. Whether you are a CEO, a chairman, whether you are experienced in business for hundred years, whatever you are – trust in the living God, give Him a chance and He will come through for you. Once again, let us put our hands together for our Lord Jesus. Yes, indeed, it is obvious that after our brother had exhausted all his emotional and mental resources, he definitely had to trust in Someone who is smarter, stronger and wiser which is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And today we can see the evidence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who had indeed transformed not only your life and your business at large. We thank God for your life and we just want to tell you that now that God Almighty has done this wonderful thing for you, continue to honour Him, follow Him and receive instruction from Him and we pray that God Almighty will give you grace to be a good leader in Jesus’ Name. Once again, let us put our hands together for our Lord Jesus. TT: Jacqueline Margaret 14/12/18
RV: Pavel Tatyana Zheleznyakov + Mel Flowers 31/12/2018