– And now I’m so excited because
I have Elizabeth coming on who did the steps, she’s doing it. She did the impossible
and made it possible, and now she is even teaching
people how to do it herself, so take a look at her story. – I felt out of control, I
felt chaotic, I felt no peace. I had $40,000 in student loan debt. I had no idea how I was going to pay off the student loan debt that I
had accrued. I am a teacher, so I had heard, “Oh they’ll
forgive it after a certain number of years.” So I spoke
with the student loan company, and they said that the plan that I was on would never repay my student loans. She said we will forgive your loans when you are 50 years old or
whenever you repay it all back, and that was my moment of reality. Once I started working the Baby Steps in Financial Peace and saw the momentum of my debt snowball starting, I felt so victorious.
I felt like I had won and I had beat the system almost. After I paid off all of
my student loan debt, my coordinator reached out to me and he said, “You have a story to tell, and you did this on a teacher’s salary, which people can really connect with, and they think that that can’t be done.” It began to click for me
that I had something special to share, and so in December
I decided to be a coordinator, and I led my first class in January. And it’s so inspirational to
me because it challenges me in the best ways, and it helps
me be a part of something that’s life-changing. People are motivated and want to change their family tree, and I’m just so blessed that
I get to be a part of that. – Thanks Elizabeth. Thanks for being here. – Thank you for having me. – Yes, your story’s so
great. I love it because not only did you do the
impossible, what some people say, which is pay off $40,000 in 14 months, but you overcame some myths and lies that our society
believes about money. So first and foremost, $40,000— – Yeah.
– In 14 months. How did you do that? – I became Gazelle intense,
to use your dad’s words. – I love that.
– I just worked really hard. – So you’re pretty
vocal about your journey. You told people.
– Yes, yes. – What do most people think about it? – They thought I was crazy,
especially since it was student loan debt. A
lot of people would say, “You know that they’ll forgive that, right?” Or, “After so many years, it’ll be gone. You don’t have to worry about it. Why are you wasting your money now?” And I’m like, I don’t want to live that way. I don’t want to be indebted to someone else. – Yes that’s so good
because that’s a great point that you brought up that
is there really is this myth out there of people
believing that student loans, they’ll just be forgiven one day, don’t worry about it, and
so you fell into that some you feel like? – Yes what they don’t
tell you when you sign the paper for your student loans is that the loan forgiveness is
very difficult to get. – Yeah it’s beyond rare,
for that to be a reality, so the reality for most
people is that they’re going to have this debt, and if they
don’t do what you did, then they keep student
loans around forever and ever and stay in debt. But you got intense, you
worked a crazy amount, because how many jobs did you get? – I had like eight jobs at one point. – That’s unbelievable! Tell me what some of them were.
I’m curious, what did you do? – Yeah I worked at a bakery part time, babysitting became my jam,
I babysat all the time. I do calligraphy, so I
would write on chalkboards and address envelopes for people. I just tried to use any
talent that I knew I had in my back pocket to help
me make some extra money on top of teaching full time, so . . .
– And you did it, yes. Ah that’s incredible, so
then you became debt free and then became passionate
about this message of living debt free and
living intentionally and the Baby Steps and all that’s taught in Financial Peace University. And with the class, there’s
always a coordinator that helps kind of facilitate the discussion, and you became a Financial
Peace University Coordinator. So you taught a class, how’d it go? – It was so great. We had
an amazing group of people and great attendance.
They really stuck with it, and it was transformational. – Were there a few people in the class that you loved their story
and you were like wow, the transformation that
they made was unbelievable? – Yeah there was one
couple who made $120,000 total, so they had a good amount of money. But they were so in debt and they— – Isn’t that amazing? – Yes!
– I mean seriously though. A lot of people really believe
if I just had more money I could do this. I’m
like no, if you don’t have good money habits, the more money you have, the bigger, the mess is going to be. And so just because you’re
making a huge income, you can have a big mess,
which is this feeling that always, is always so interesting to me. So keep going, sorry. – Oh you’re fine. So they paid off $15,000 of debt just in the two months
that they were in my course, so I was so proud of them, and now they want to be coordinators and help share their success and help people, so . . .
– That’s amazing, that’s so great. So what made you want to do this? Because not only is going
to the class somewhat of a commitment, right? You go nine weeks and you’re with a group,
but when you say hey, I’m going to go and do it again
and actually facilitate. It must have obviously changed
your life for you to do that. So what was the why for you? – The course transformed my life so much, and I’m just so thankful
that I took Financial Peace in that moment in my life that I can’t keep quiet about it. I want to tell everyone
about what this course can do for you. No one taught me growing up how to budget and how to save and how to
invest, and so now that I have that knowledge, I just
want to tell everyone I can. That’s my why. – Yeah it’s so good, it’s so good, Because some of you watching are thinking, oh my gosh, we have so
much debt, we don’t budget, and all of this, so going through
Financial Peace University just as a member is huge. But
people may be watching this and thinking, okay you know I’m doing this. Maybe I’m on the other side like you are. Would you say that you have
to be super financially smart, and you have to have all the answers? Because some people could
be intimidated by it. – Right. I would definitely
say I was in that boat before I got started
with being a coordinator. I thought I didn’t know
enough about investing and real estate and all of the Baby Steps, past Baby Step three, but my
coordinator from when I went through Financial Peace
really encouraged me and met with me and talked to
me about how to be relatable and to share my story. And
that was what was going to connect with people, and if
I didn’t know the answers, then I could reach out to
someone and they would help me figure out the answers. – So good. Well seriously,
I know from our seat, our perspective at Ramsey
Solutions, we always say the radio show can only reach
so far, only so many people know about the podcast,
only so many people watch the shows or go to the events.
But it’s the coordinators that are in their cities, in their towns, all over America, thousands
and thousands of you all, sitting down with people
on a Tuesday night, or a Wednesday night, or a Sunday night, and have this group, you know,
really it becomes a family, in this class and completely
transforming their lives, and you spearheaded that for you guys. So I so appreciate it, seriously.
You’re in the trenches, boots on the ground,
helping spread the message, and spreading the message of hope you guys. It’s what we want for you to take control of your money. And so I so appreciate it, and I’m so glad it was a
great experience for you, and so if you guys want to coordinate a Financial Peace University
class just like Elizabeth, make sure to click the
link in the show notes. (upbeat music)