I’ve been asked how to choose
the right insolvency practitioner and I suppose it’s the same with doctors, with
solicitors, with other professionals. Different insolvency practitioners have
very different backgrounds, different experiences, different skill sets,
different interests so really you need to look and what you
consider that you need to help you understand your business and the
situation it’s in and that who’s really got the the track record to help you you
deal with that and rescue it and take it forward without losing the
business. I think there are insolvency practitioners that specialise
in personal insolvency work, there are other practitioners that specialise in
SME insolvency work and some of there are other practitioners that probably
with the the big national and international firms that that have a
bias towards large PLC’s and large corporates
so really it’s I guess horses for courses in that you really need to
understand really what type of business you’ve got and then find the
practitioner that’s got those those skills that are suitable for your
situation, and I guess the best way to do that is to it’s probably to go
onto the internet and have a look at various websites the various
practitioners to see what sort of work they’re doing and what’s the background
and expertise they’ve got and see whether you think it’s going to be a
good fit for you in your business. At Chamberlain and co we’ve got a very broad
experience across both corporate and personal solvency situations and we’ve
got a particular niche experience at looking at the intersection between the
directors personal financial situation and the
company because quite often the finances of both parties get into
trouble at the same time and the solution needs to take account of that
to resolve both situations at the same time.