In this video we will be looking at how to
enter a Trust Withdrawal into SILQ. When you spend money from your Trust Account
you need to record the withdrawal in SILQ. To access the Trust Selection in SILQ click
on Go to>Trust Money or expand the Trust Account Quick Access menu and click on Trust
Money. If you are using multiple instances of SILQ
on the cloud you’ll be asked if you’d like to lock the database for trust access.
Once you’re in the Trust Money screen click on Trust Withdrawal. All red fields need to
be filled out. One useful tip is that if the money was received from someone who’s in your
contacts list selecting them from your contacts list will fill in their address.
Make sure you put the transaction date as the date the transactions occurred in your
bank account. Once everything is filled out click on Save.
SILQ will warn you that once a trust transaction has been saved it cannot be deleted, click
on Yes. You can print the PDF generated or you can
save the PDF to email to your client. In concludes the video on how to do a Trust