Yo, what’d it do? you tube So you had some late bills you put off dealing with them And now you’re getting calls from bill collectors in this video I’ll give you eight tips for dealing with a debt collector that and more coming up Hey, what’s up guys? This is Eli with build your tomorrow a channel dedicated to everything and anything Personal finance we believe in spending less than we earn Saving money paying down debt making sound Investments, but most importantly guys we believe in investing in ourselves So if you are new here Consider subscribing when it comes to dealing with a debt collector you may find yourself Scared to answer the phone, maybe you had a hard day at work Maybe you’re super tired or maybe you’re not feeling in control of yourself whatever the case may be it’s totally okay, not to answer the phone if you know that you’re not going to have an effective conversation however Although not answering the phone when you’re not ready me provide some short-term relief We still have that unpaid debt to deal with and so we still have to get on the phone with the debt Collector and deal with this entire situation and so when we’re on the phone with the debt collector What do we say the first thing that we want to do is? Prepare and while you’re preparing here are eight tips to keep in mind tip number one is to write down The key points that you want to cover when you’re on the phone with the debt collector having a plan helps you stay in control of the phone call and most importantly of Yourself if you don’t write down what you’re going to say Then you risk saying something that you shouldn’t say and saying something that you Shouldn’t say my friend might cost you money tip number two is to make sure that you don’t over promise and under deliver If you make promises that you don’t keep later on the debt collector is going to have a more difficult time Trusting you tip number three tip number three is don’t lose your temper if you’re starting to raise your voice or if the Adrenalin is starting to build up inside of you politely excuse yourself and hang up I know I know I know easier said than done But try your best tip number four is to get the collectors name and contact Information and while you’re dealing with the debt collector make sure to call them by their name your name is Billie Jean oh wow nice Well Billie Jean let me tell you that this morning. I put the check in the mail. Oh you’re happy to hear that I’m sure you are Billie Jean all right Billy Jean Well you have a blessed day and say hi to Michael for me thanks with all seriousness guys when I used to work at Chase anytime that I saw a customer writing down my First and last name you best believe That I treated that customer with a little more care than I would other customers because hey that person can make a complain and Tell on me if I do something wrong tip number five tip number five is to ask for proof of Debt reach out to the company that the collector says is the original creditor? They might help you figure out if the debt is legitimate And if the collector that’s calling you has the right to collect on the debt Mistakes happen all the time and by asking for proof and you’re protecting yourself Against scams tip number six is to explain to the Collector what happened provide a short story on what happened and what if anything you’re doing to solve the Situation the thinking here is that if you tell a short concise story to the collector then the collector might have a little more empathy I mean we’re all human. It’s it number. Seven is to get any agreements in Writing and if the collector won’t do it Then you write the letter you sent it to the debt collector via certified mail So that you have proof that the debt collector in fact did receive the letter and last but not least Tip number eight is to make sure that you don’t agree to a payment schedule that you can’t keep When agreeing to a payment plan be very realistic because the last thing you want is to fall behind again on your monthly payments and by the way guys We all know that debt collectors can act a little crazy at times so if you want to learn what a debt collector can And can’t do then watch this video here Alright guys well I hope you enjoyed this video if you did do me a favor go down there click the like button That would be awesome if you have any thoughts questions concerns comments stories leave them in the comments below hearing from you would be spectacular if you want to see more of these types of videos Sub scribe, but till next time guys remember I just don’t say this for the sake of saying it spend less than you earn That’s how you stay out of this entire mess to begin with Save your money. That’s how you protect yourself pay down your debt That’s how you free yourself but most importantly guys What fuels all of this is? investing in Your self I will talk to you guys Next time I’m staying up I’m wiling now I’m leaning in I’m leaning in Pushing off my sneakers to the ground I do not jump I move the earth down bear witness to the genius of my sound board at the bar