My name is Jessica Burton and I became debt
free with Freedom Debt Relief, this is my story. Being in debt has been its very stressful,
it felt like a weights on me, it felt like a weight on my back and then of course being
alone for the first time in life and trying to take care of everything by myself it felt
like a huge weight, even more so, and so I was just very stressed out about it. Thinking about it all of the time and thinking
how I could get out of debt and how I didn’t want to carry I didn’t ever think how I
could ever pay it off. It seems like such a large amount, and it
just didn’t seem feasible to be able to get out of debt. With the money that I was making and being
on my own and the interest rates that they kept hiking up for me on my cards so It was
very stressful. It didn’t feel like there was a way out. I tried calling my credit card companies and
working with them. It just seemed like a dead end street with
them, they didn’t they weren’t very helpful in working with me. I explained the situation that I was in. I was kind of in a situation not by my own
choice. I felt like I kept hitting a brick wall when
I was talking to the credit card companies they just weren’t very helpful at all. I was actually on the internet looking through
options and different companies and to be honest there was a lot of peoples personal
stories that I was reading that really got to me and it just hit home like that’s where
I am at right now and so it was other people that had gone through the same thing and had
benefited from Freedom Debt Relief and that actually it made me feel that the company
was honest and they were willing to work hard for their customers. The counselors for Freedom Debt Relief were
awesome they were very informative walked me thru step by step of the process. Any questions I had they were very willing
to answer them and go into detail and sometimes repeat things for me because it just a lot
of it was overwhelming and they were very patient and very informative. That was huge for me because I was worrying
and I would get you know my heartbeat would beat faster when I’d get like letters or
phone calls from the creditors and um a lot of times too they said you know what don’t
answer the phone or don’t talk to them, we talk to them you don’t have to deal with
them. Which was huge because then I felt like somebody
else was handling it for me, somebody else was helping me get through it. They just basically took over and they were
like you don’t have to do anything we will do it all and so I think a lot of the negotiating
and things that I was trying to do on my own where I was getting nowhere, they were getting
somewhere. They would give me updates, I would call and
get updates they were very encouraging to say hey, call anytime you want an update anytime
you want to know what’s happening with your account. I would have never been able to do that on
my own. I had doubts about the program going into
it. One really because I had never been, I had
always been pretty responsible financially and I had never been in this situation so
I wasn’t really sure how it all worked and so I think it was more doubts of I don’t know
if this is really gonna work and I was just at my wits end and just realized I needed
to try something and it seemed like the best option and so I was hoping that it would work. Once I started going through the program and
I think after the first credit card was negotiated and I was free from that debt I was like wow
this works this really does because I was a little skeptical at first and wasn’t sure
how it all worked and how quickly it would work too actually it seemed to go by very
quickly for me so it was very good. When Freedom Debt Relief first settled my
first account I was so excited, I was happy and just telling everyone I got rid of my
highest card and I was just so relieved and so happy. It just felt so freeing it was amazing it
was great. I would recommend Freedom Debt Relief to my
friends and family because Freedom Debt Relief was very helpful in getting negotiating the
credit card dent that I had helping me to get out of it very quickly. I think a lot of people choose to go into
bankruptcy which just kind of I think it’s worse to have to go through that. I think it’s better because you don’t
destroy your credit with Freedom Debt Relief you are able to not only get out of debt but
also work to continue bettering your credit afterwards. The future holds a lot of opportunity for
me now I feel that I can pretty much go anywhere and do whatever I put my mind to. I am not burdened by the debt that I was carrying
and I feel that financially I am rebuilding my life and I have a lot of opportunity I’m
really excited about it. If I had tried to pay this debt off on my
own I would probably still be in debt. It would have probably taken years and with
Freedom Debt Relief I was able to pay it off in less than 24 months. Freedom Debt Relief changed my life by helping
me to get out of debt and starting over and starting fresh and helping me to have a future.