Are you worried about your credit card debt? Are you fearful of debt collectors and collection attorneys? Today, I want to convince you of one thing and that is, you do not have to pay your credit card debt if you cannot afford to pay it. You do not have to sacrifice monthly essentials, food, clothing, rent or mortgage, healthcare, utilities, education for credit card debt you cannot afford to
pay I want to introduce you to the only credit card debt relief program that shows you how to legally avoid paying
the credit card debt you cannot afford to pay without filing for bankruptcy. The key is how you interact with debt
collectors and collection attorneys. I want to share with you what pitfalls to avoid with these people. I’m going to tell you how you can
actually enjoy the process of getting out of debt once you know what you are doing with
these liars. I am also going to give you some tips you can take away and use immediately. But first I want to share my own credit
card debt nightmare story with you. Hi, My name is Mel Thompson. I owed $63,000 in credit card debt before i learned how to avoid
paying credit card debt I could not afford to pay without seeking bankruptcy protection. Soon after making the great emotional and financial sacrifice separating from my wife of nineteen years and leaving my 12 year old son’s home i began paying court ordered child support which was 1/3 of my gross income. Still it was able to establish a modest
residence near my son with the income my 10-year-old consulting business generated. Unfortunately my business began to suffer from the glut of domestic and off-shore skilled professionals. I was having more and more trouble generating the
income i needed to pay my bills and child support. My credit was excellent .I had numerous unused credit cards with low interest rates and high charge limits. I began using them to pay bills each month I could not otherwise afford to pay. My business continued to suffer I reached the point where I was writing credit-card courtesy checks to cover my monthly expenses and child support. Soon my total minimum monthly credit
card payments were over $1500 and increasing each month. Eventually my business improved. I was
making enough money to pay my expenses and child support but not the monthly credit card
statement. I considered bankruptcy but that would mean the sale of the home I left my ex-wife and son in but still jointly owned. Putting them out and ruining my credit were unacceptable to me. Finally i had to stop paying the credit
card. It was that or not pay any child support. I did not know what to expect.. I was fearful and anxious. i spent all my free time researching
credit card debt collection,and credit card debt relief options online. I found a lot of “Pay-us-now-and-we-will-help-you-later” scams. Or, “we can help you, just trust our expertise”. Everyone wanted
to be paid a minimum of a few thousand dollars. Most of the so-called professionals
suggested putting their fee on a credit card and then to stop paying that card. My credit cards soon charged off after six months of non-payment. I owed a total of $63,000. My debts went to debt collectors. Then, they went to debt collection law firms. But fortunately I was finally ready to reply. I had learned enough after months of research to be able to craft carefully written CMRRR communications to respond to the threatening letters and phone calls and my letters worked. I escaped those credit card debts. My credit rating soon improved. Within three years of first being late with payments I was
able to get a new car loan. I learned first hand I did not have to pay credit card debt, I could not afford to pay. I want to help you do the same thing. Today I continue to learn and to help other people do what I did and to find the peace of mind again When you know what I know, you will see debt collectors and collection attorneys as powerless. But, they always have a new twist they hope will scare people into paying what they cannot afford to pay. Imagine what your life would be like without the worry of credit card debt. Think of the freedom you would have to make financial decisions, the freedom to spend money responsibly, and the freedom to make plans for your future finances. You would be free of all that excessive worrying. Healthcare, education, vacations, new clothes and all the other amenities in the
normal life could be yours again without excessive worry. Instead of experiencing that stomach
churning feeling when a debt collector calls, you’ll be asking “Is that the best you can do?” when a debt collector threatens you over the telephone. i promised you some quick tips Here are five things to avoid with credit card debt: Avoid anyone asking you to pay money up front before they can provide you with any
kind of credit card debt relief. The Federal Trade Commission recently
prohibited debt settlement firms from seeking payment before any
settlement takes place. But these firms are already finding loopholes in the new regulations. The offer of help can be so tempting. Don’t let yourself be scammed. Avoid debt collector phone calls. When it comes to credit card debt, anything important only takes place in writing. You only expose yourself to scary lies and threats by listening to a debt collector over the phone. Avoid admitting in writing, inadvertently or otherwise, that a debt is yours. Because of a credit card debt’s open account nature, debt collectors and collection attorneys have difficulty legally proving your ownership of credit card debt. Do not make their job easy for them. This is not a reflection on your characterr this is simply a sound legal strategy for dealing with these liars. Avoid arbitration. Do not agree to participate in an arbitration proceeding about credit card debt. Arbitration essentially robs you of your rights. When you agreed arbitration, you agree that the debt is yours. Avoid the offer of a token debt settlement plan by a debt collector or junk debt buyer. That will restart the statute of limitations on your debt and it will prove that the debt is yours. Here are three things you can enjoy when you interact with debt collectors as soon as you learn some simple skills from me. When you hear from a junk debt buyer (JDB) who has just purchased one of your delinquent credit card debts, instead of feeling dread, you will feel relief because you know how easy JDBs are to defeat. Did you know they only expect to collect from one-third of the debts they buy? When you hear from a debt collector collecting for a junk debt buyer who owns one of your debts, you will enjoy knowing how powerless they are to harm you. When you receive a letter in a collection attorney’s letterhead seeking to collect one of your debts owned by a junk debt buyer, you will enjoy sending a demand for proof of your indebtedness that you now know they cannot effectively answer. There are three tips you can use right
away: Avoid committing financial debt by guilt. Stop acting and feeling “guilty” because of your credit card debt. The worst thing you can do is admit that you owe a debt to some stranger writing or calling. By stonewalling and not admitting to the debt, you are not being dishonest, you are simply not willing to discuss your financial affairs with someone you don’t know. This is a sound legal strategy. Debt
collectors and collection attorneys are lazy. They want you to prove you owe the debt, because they cannot do a good job of that. He’s got to respond to a debt collector
over the telephone. You are just a voice on the other end of
the phone. You could be anyone. I only communicate about my financial
matters in writing and only with those people who are known to me. He’s got to distinguish a lawyer’s
letter addressing your particular situation from a debt collectors prospecting tool that happens to be on a law firm’s letterhead and signed by a lawyer. If it says, “This communication has not been reviewed by an attorney…” all they’re doing is casting out a net
with mass mailing to numerous debtors knowing that many will call him to work out a payment plan and most
others will not respond. That makes the non responders good
candidates for no-show default judgments – a collection attorney’s bread and butter. Are you going through life with a feeling of financial hopelessness? i know the feeling. I have been in the same credit card debt situation you are in. Compare that to just living a normal
life without any major financial crises to worry about. Truly appreciate the
difference. if you use what you can learn from me,
you will come to the same appreciation. There is hope. Just because you cannot pay does
that mean you are helpless. In the rest of this video i’m going to show you why there is hope. It is not your fault. It was not my fault. Many perhaps, most of his encounter temporary
financial difficulty at some point in our lives. Unfortunately our financial
establishment is focused on short term results and while they can hope for a too
big to fail bailout we’re stuck holding the bag. They will give us any time to recover
from a temporary difficulties and to repay what we owe. Instead, they write off the debts we cannot pay after six months and sell them for 10 cents on the dollar to junk debt buyers who try to profit from our misfortune. Unaffordable credit card debt is a very
serious problem. Bankruptcy,your credit card debt court judgment could ruin any of us. We don’t want to see our assets sold to pay an unsecured credit card debt. Nor, do we want to be forced into a payment plan for five years. All these possibilities create feelings of fear, hopelessness, uncertainty and loss of independence. Those feelings in turn make it more difficult for us to help ourselves out of this difficult situation. I have the answer to this difficult problem. I have seen through the veil and found the villains to be powerless. The answer is simple. I discovered a way out. It is a path anyone can follow Debt collectors and collection attorneys make threats and tell lies to get our money. They are villains. But, they are easy to defeat, even in court if you know how. As I said my solution is simple. First, do not listen to the credit debt relief scam artists who make it sound like it is harder than it is to get out of debt. Second, read what I learned about the true powerless nature of debt collectors and collection attorneys. And, last, let me show you what to write to debt collectors and collection attorneys to make them decide they would rather pursue other less well-informed
consumers with debt My debt validation letters are tested and proven. I advise many people on how to use this
technique. No one has yet to accuse me of leading them astray. As i’ve been telling you the best way to get rid of debt
collectors and collection attorneys is to first educate ourselves about exactly
why debt collectors and collection attorneys have no real power to harm us. when we can lose our fears and feelings of guilt we can simply implement the proper
written communications that precisely make the legal disputes and the basic
demands that collectors and collection attorneys are surprisingly unable to meet.. When debt collectors see these disputes and demands they give up on us to chase other less well-informed debtors. When collection attorneys see appropriate legal disputes and demands in a letter from us the last thing they want to do is waste their time in court with us. They would much rather spend their time suing other consumers, who fall for their threats and intimidation. Remember, collection attorneys to not get paid until the actually
collect some money. Also, most states limit the amount of fees these lawyers can add to a debt to 20 percent of the alleged amount owed. They do not want to fight informed consumers, they just want to collect from uninformed consumers. This is my system of learning materials and coaching. A few of us can do it on our own, while many of us need the advice or guiding hand of someone who has already done it. In addition, different people learn in different ways. Some of us learn by reading and some of us learn by reading and watching and listening. While many others need to personally interact with someone to understand and retain information. I have structured my program for all the different types of learners. Depending on how you process information and how much help you need, I have developed very-reasonable-priced, specialized learning materials for you to take advantage of to make your transition to a debt free
life as easy and painless as possible. First there is the Credit Card Debt Survival Guide. This is the book that I wrote. It tells the whole story and includes chapters on what to write to debt collectors and collection attorneys. There is letter text that you can copy, paste and customize edit to your own situation. There are 230 pages of detail here with numerous links to source material. You yourself could see through the
veil with all this background information. a place in …. on how to avoid court summons and how to respond to debt collectors and collection attorneys. You could find a link to the complete
table of contents on my website. If a video would help you digest this information, . you can watch my twenty minute video on
how to write debt collector letters. This twenty minute video explains the process of putting together
a letter that will make a debt collector and collection attorney decide they do not want to spend any more time with you. You get it with a letter from the Credit Card Debt Survival Guide, so you can quickly customize that letter to each debt collectors while following, or starting and stopping the video. I could also offer you monthly personalized
support. One-month support with the e-book and video. I will discuss your situation, the edge of the debt specific creditors over the phone with you and give you my analysis and recommendations. Then I will review and edit your letters before they go out. I will be available for any follow-up
by telephone or email you may need. The total cost of these instruments is a
fraction of the average attorney’s fee for one hour
of their time. And unlike a bankruptcy attorney or
credit card debt relief scammer, I cover you with a 60 day
money-back guarantee, no questions asked. If you want your money back you get it back.
Remember, this is the only easily affordable credit card debt relief
program that shows you how to legally avoid paying your credit card debt you
cannot afford to pay without filing for bankruptcy. When you get started today and get this debt behind you, what do you have to lose?