Hi there my name is Dipti and I run the
Cotswolds Practice. I am a solution-focused hypnotherapist now I have some exciting stuff to talk about today I’ve been doing a lot of work
around our belief system now a belief is a thought that we just keep thinking on
repeat over and over again we don’t question our beliefs and of course we
believe our beliefs that’s the point of the belief now we need our beliefs to
run our lives smoothly so we can kind of navigate through our world without worry
without second-guessing without questioning ourselves so we do need to
have a very kind of solid belief system in place however there can come a time
where we can start to develop or have developed already some limiting beliefs
now limiting beliefs are beliefs that hold you back
that kind of don’t let you celebrate the real you that make you feel kind of
stuck and imprisoned in some way whether that’s physically mentally or
emotionally now I’ve been doing so much work on limiting beliefs lately the only
limiting beliefs come in three categories there is a sense of
hopelessness a sense of helplessness and a sense of worthlessness and today I’m
going to be talking about the sense of worthlessness so worthless statements
can be things like I’m not good enough I don’t deserve to have good things to
happen to me other people are better than me I care about what other people
think over what I think my time is not that important I feel guilty if I put
myself first I must look after other people rather
than myself and I don’t actually matter now these are obviously very
very big statement and of course they sound horrible they don’t sound great
but actually we’ve all got some type of limiting belief those running ourselves
in the background know we would know this because something is always
repeating that’s a negative behavior or a negative relationship that
we might get into or perhaps a destructive loop you know something that
keeps repeating over and over again maybe you can’t find a healthy partner
or a relationship you keep getting I don’t know overlooked in maybe that your
career or your job you’re unable to speak out you’re unable to express
yourself fully and authentically now these are really really interesting
belief systems that actually run our programming and then they they kind of
have a massive influence on the decisions we make and the choices we
make and what we can do and what we can’t do so I’ve been absolutely
passionate about helping people release their negative limiting beliefs now the
interesting thing is you might not know what your limiting belief is so what we
will do is I will help you identify you might have a good idea maybe is a sense
of worthless like a worthless statement one of those statements that I’ve just
talked about you might have a general idea but actually I will help you drill
it down I would help you drill it down to your root statement and your root
statement is something that you might not actually know yet when you discover
your root statement that is when amazing powerful things start to happen first of
all you get an emotional release you definitely feel as if something’s tugged
on your heart and your heart is literally open for all to see because
it’s it’s a belief that you’ve held onto for so long and there is actually a part
of you that really needs to hold on to that belief but then
that part of you also needs to let go of it as well so we’re able to safely see
the positive intention or the positive purpose of that belief and kind of keep
that belief held positively but then we’re able to do some powerful work to
release it and replace it with a new empowering belief now if you’re in in
any way interested in any of this stuff and this work that I’m doing in
particular please do get in touch with me either via personal message or you
can email me my email address is my name Dipti Tait, [email protected] and
I look forward to just speaking to you about it and any questions just just hit
me up and I will look forward to connecting with you so for now I’ll have
a lovely day and speak to you soon.