(Upbeat music) (Spanish accent) Hello? – (Woman on the phone)
Hello Mr. Juan (Censored) – Yes. – My name is Lydia (Censored)
and I’m with the (Censored) – Yes, (talking over woman) do you have the many times or you- – I’m sorry? – What is it? – This is- – You have a the many times I- You go. – I’m sorry? – I try- (Talking over woman) I try to put it on- – You need to move somewhere
I can understand you. – No, I speaking many times but you talk to me too much. – Go ahead. – You are talking for me. – Okay- – I can listen to you. – Okay, I’m calling about your (Censored) – Yes. – You have an outstanding
debt for 1,224 dollars and 55 cents. Now we are calling- – (Different accent) Yeah, who is this on the other end of the phone, here? – Well, who am I speaking with? I have two people on the phone? I’m gonna call Juan (Censored). – Well, yeah I understand
that. Juan gave me the phone, I’m Robert. What can I do for you? – Well, I need to speak with one Juan. – Well, I’m- – Not Robert. – I’m Juan’s step father.
What can I do here? – Well, I need to speak
with Juan (Censored), Unless he gives me
permission to speak with you. – (Juan accent) Yes,
you have my permissions. – Oh, okay and who-
who am I speaking with? – (Robert accent) Yeah,
now my name is Robert. – Okay, Robert who? – (Woman’s accent) I don’t
understand what’s going on here. Who is this? – This is Ms. Lydia (Censored). I do need to advise you that our calls maybe
monitored or recorded- – I know, we’re recording
it right now sweetheart. – Any information
obtained will be used for- – What do you need? – This is about the (Censored). – Yes! We accept. Send it to me! – We have. – It’s wonderful, good. This is great and I’m gonna go ahead
and open up the account. – So who am I speaking with now? – My name is Lydia, yes. Lydia Rosalind. – Okay, I need to speak with Juan. – We- But, I don’t understand- – Do Juan understand English? – Well, no. What you mean “do Juan?” “Do Juan” what? – Okay, I’m speaking to too many people. – (Robert accent) Yeah… – I’ll just end the call and call back. – I have a tendency to agree with you. – Have a good day. – (Juan accent) You too! (Regular voice) Done. (Laughing) She finally gave up. They’re not supposed to get off the phone. – (Male voice) That was hilarious. – (Different male voice) That was so good. – (Female voice) That was so funny! – “Okay, I’m talking to too many people! You have a good day!” You’re like some kind of
a moron, or something. – (Man on phone) Yeah, like my mom calls me that all the time. – If I was your mother, I
would say put it back in! You just have balls, lady. Who? You just have balls, lady. No I don’t, I have a vagina!
And it’s none of your business.