(music) Hi I’m Shawn Yesner with Yesner Law A lot of times I am asked: How do we choose a bankruptcy attorney? I have three things I like to look at. First is your attorney at a bigger firm or a smaller firm? While some people like a bigger firm experience, a smaller firm allows you to have intimate contact with your attorney, and a more one to one personalized experience. Second, what other issues does your attorney know so that they can help you navigate the bankruptcy process. A lot of times bankruptcy brings into play foreclosure issues divorce issues, certainly if you own your own business that becomes an issue in the bankruptcy, as well as probate, inheritance issues and personal injury issues. Does your attorney have at least some working knowledge of all of these issues in connection with a bankruptcy. And last, what’s your comfort level with your attorney? Are you comfortable with the person that you’ve chosen to represent you in the bankruptcy process. Certainly we like to make our clients as comfortable as possible, because we know that bankruptcy can be a very intimidating thing. To advice clients to choose a bankruptcy attorney, if you want more information or to schedule a consultation please visit our website at http://yesnerlaw.com There is a contact us form on the website, thank you again for watching I am Shawn Yesner with Yesner Law. There’s always options.