can you believe they’re already back to
school like I mean some of the kids start like the sixteenth Abby who you know she started on Wednesday last week this is her first
full week what happened to summer I know it went away so fast but and so now
we’ve been rushing and hurrying to go shopping and getting all the school
supplies but so that’s what we brought you in here we have Sophie Maletsky from
Sophie’s World she’s a massive YouTube star and you have some amazing creative
ideas because this allows us not only to save a little extra cash Yeah right but
also to personalize yeah these items that the kids are bringing to school
well and because okay when you go back to school what do you get you get new shoes
right yes oh so you end up with shoe boxes right so now these are my favorite
kind of shoe boxes which are the ones where the lid lifts off but they’re
hinged ones yeah this has become kind of part and parcel to the new wave the
running shoe box this is a running shoe box this is a high-heel box depending on
what you’re buying for your children to go back to school right yes
so I’m gets use this one just because I mean if you wanted to use this one
we can this is okay you can use one from I got it the hinge in one and then
this is a regular one but what we’re going to do is we’re going to make a
locker keeper and so you know a lot of a lot of kids have lockers yes
it’s started now with lockers some of them even in like fourth of fifth grade
yeah and so they’re very proud of their lockers they want to decorate them
and we’ve created a way that you can put little elements and pieces onto your box
top and then you can you can make your own sort of organizer for your locker
like you can even have a place here for your cell phone so then where does this go in the locker
Sophie help me visualize so then what you do let’s make one shall we
okay okay so let’s do this one just cuz it’s more compact on the backside
here we’re just going to take two of these big paper clips right and with
a little bit of our handy-dandy hot glue that is definitely a glue gun bucket oh yeah don’t know if you can see at home that has been loved yes and used
let me tell you the thing about this is just place these right on here okay and we want to add a little bit of extra you know strength to it so we’re just going
to take my handy dandy duct tape reinforce it with some duct tape which should be my middle name think I’m going to officially change my
middle name to Sophie Duct Tape Maletsky my grandma might not like that if I got
rid of the Arleen but you know duct tape would appreciate a duct tape you know so
anyway we’re going to just put a piece of duct tape on just to secure
it so then this can get hung now if we used to use
magnets for metal lockers but then a lot of the kids wrote to us and said hey we
don’t have metal lockers so you can use these handy-dandy oh yeah these 3M
hooks yes I love these these are like my favorite thing in the whole wide world
so you put that in your locker right and then it just hooks right there
there you go and so let’s personalize this for you I know we don’t have a lot
of time but you can put like a little mirror in there you know everybody wants
to check themselves well it’s very important you know when you get to
school you know make sure you’re looking your best put your best foot forward
and sometimes you know they don’t let you keep like your jewelry and things
like that and yeah so we created these little clips a brillliant idea put
this on your side and then you can put your like your little necklaces or
something like that and then of course you know they always want to write notes
to each other right so we live in wine country right yes we do we’re going to
add some little our little cork boards oh my gosh what a brilliant idea right
I’m stealing that for something of my own look how cute this is you just
all the corks I have so you know that’s what I always like to
say when I go to these libraries and stuff and we’ll be using corks I’m like
and it’s not that I drink it’s like I enjoy a wine occasionally they just find me okay cool awesome so then that is your own little personal cork board and then
you can take brilliant so you can take your you sure can little clips and put
those in there and did you make some cute little looks like you took those
little cute erasers with flowers and you glued those to the tip of a pin
absolutely you can turn anything into a little push pin and all you got to do is
a little glue on the back and and there you have it so then you can use a
variety of these boxes like this one right here I love that a lotion box
right I’ll put that in there and you can put your pencil and things like that
and let’s put our little mirror here yep store mirrors there and then this is
a toilet paper tube these are great and everything of course is
covered in duct tape or whatever you want to put pencils
and then this one is from – oh yeah this is perfect for your cell
phone and all that is is a band-aid box no way so you put that for your band aid
with a little hot glue gun you can glue in whatever compartment
or container you want in there to help store right you can use bottles because
the bottles that are clear and you can see through them so you can put you know
yeah any of your knickknacks and things that you might need or your change or
something just so you could see it it’ll all be in there and you can even
use the top portion as well just as long as you make sure that you either have it
or sealed on the bottom exactly cute Sophie this is awesome and you’re
also the creator of the book sticky fingers you have an amazing YouTube page
where can our viewers go because you have other organizing ideas here I
notice you got a awesome notebook and the notebook has pockets so you can
keep all your stuff pencils and stuff so this is one of these it’s a
tea box huh and we’ve made it so that you can put stuff inside and again it’s
all just little boxes if you have around the house