Hello I’m Sarah Norris with total childcare
in Wilmington, North Carolina and today we are going to talk a little bit about daycare
liability insurance. There are numerous insurances that you must carry when you own or manage
a daycare center. There are certain requirements from your individual states that will tell
you which ones you particularly have to have but liability is certainly one that all states
are going to require. They will require it also on your vehicles that you have liability
insurance to cover any vehicles that you are using to transport children so that if you
have a wreck and you damage someone else’s property or vehicle that that person is covered.
You would need to be sure to check with your state to see what is required I would recommend
that you probably do a little more then the minimum requirements because one lawsuit could
certainly cost you quite a lot of money and might possibly cost you to lose your business
so it’s important that you are well covered that you work with an insurance agent that
is familiar with the childcare industry and what is needed not only what is required but
what is really needed and what would be, would protect you the best. Which policy, which
amount, would give you a safeguard in case there was an issue where your insurance had
to be used. So today we talked a little bit about liability insurance, your liable, we
are in a business that we are liable everyday. We are liable for children and that’s one
of the most important things in our world today and one of the things that is often
brought to the attention of others that, about insurance that needs to be covered. So be
sure that you understand liability insurance that you have the coverage you need and that
you take measures to keep it into effect.