This tutorial will provide instructions on how to withdraw your application. Do not use the withdraw process to make changes to your already submitted application. Contact the hiring unit listed on the job posting for specific questions. Please keep in mind your application can only be withdrawn if the application status is submitted, received, or active. Once your application has been withdrawn it cannot be resubmitted to the same job posting electronically. First, you will need to sign into your CalCareer account. To do so, click on the login icon. To log in, enter your user ID and password. To permanently withdraw your application, the status must be submitted, received, or active. Click the job control link that corresponds to the job you want to withdraw your application from. This will land you on the Job Application Record page. Scroll down to the Application Review section and click the Withdraw My Application link. You are now on the Withdraw My Application page. Scroll down to the Withdraw section, read the statement, and check the box. Choose a withdrawal reason from the drop down list and click the Save button. A confirmation message will display confirming this action will withdraw your application and cannot be undone. If you choose to proceed, click the Withdraw button. The message “Your application has been successfully withdrawn and will not be considered for this job” will display.