Hello, my name is Andrew Griffin and I am a bankruptcy lawyer in the San Diego area And today I would like to talk to you about how to pick the right bankruptcy lawyer Now everyone’s situation is different If you have any questions pick up the phone and call us to find out what your options are in an in a consultation Decision to hire or not to hire a lawyer is yours The only problem is that you know, little or nothing about the legal field Chances are that much of what you know about bankruptcy is wrong and it’s your financial life that we’re talking about Lawyers are not interchangeable One lawyer is not necessarily as good as the other Price is probably the poorest basis on which to choose an attorney Bankruptcy law is not about just filling out forms You do file the forms in bankruptcy, but the job requires a lawyer because it’s not obvious What information goes in the forms and what the implications of that information is to conduct to the to the conduct of this case? You can fill out the form properly and find the chapter 7 In in the chapter 7 trustee is suing your mother for the money. You repaid her before the bankruptcy That wouldn’t be good. Now. Here’s a checklist for evaluating a prospective bankruptcy lawyer 1 how much of the lawyers practice is Bankruptcy cases for individuals – does the lawyer ask about your goals and filing of the bankruptcy? 3 do you get a chance to talk and are you really hurt? 4 does the attorney explain your choices and the legal procedures in languages? You can understand 5 Are you comfortable asking questions and disclosing the difficult and messy situations in your financial life? 6 Are you offered a written representation agreement and you can understand that tells you what services are included in the coded fee And lastly do you get a feeling how do you feel do you get a feel do you feel like your unhurried? FaceTime with a lawyer and that his staff Treat a first meeting with the bankruptcy attorney as an interview you are making and hiring a decision Do not hesitate to leave the meeting without making a decision interview another prospect for contrast Like marriage, it’s a lot better to take your time entering to a relationship with a lawyer. It’s messy and Unpleasant and sometimes very costly to part ways after you’ve teamed up Now if you need more information about filing bankruptcy Click on the link or call us at the number below and we’ll be glad to provide you with more information Again, my name is Andrew Griffin, and I want to help you by relieving the financial burdens that you feel