How to Rebuild Your Credit… One of the biggest worries people have about declaring bankruptcy or making a Consumer Proposal is that your credit will be ruined forever – this is not true. You can rebuild your credit quickly
by following a few simple steps, let’s call it “The SANDS Plan”. Step 1 – Set the stage: After completion your Trustee will provide you with documents legally discharging you from your debts. Once you have these documents you can begin to rebuild your credit. Step
2 – Ensure accuracy: It is very common to see multiple errors on your credit report,
which can damage your rating. These errors can be easily corrected and you can check your report for free. Step 3 – Get new credit: The simplest way to do this is to obtain a
secured credit card and use it responsibly. By making regular payments and gradually increasing your limit, your credit rating will improve rapidly. Step 4 – Be a dependable customer: To rebuild your credit quickly you must pay your bills on time, every month with no exception. Step 5 – Spend less than you earn: Though this might seem obvious, the single most important thing you can do to demonstrate your credit-worthiness is to live within your means. By following
these 5 steps, in as little as 2 years you can achieve a better credit rating than you
had before you declared bankruptcy or made a Consumer Proposal. If you are struggling with an unmanageable debt burden, call 310-0911 or visit us at and take control of your financial future.