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debt you have and to who? It’s important to know
how much debt you have and who you owe it to, as
well as, the interest rates. Otherwise, it will be difficult to negotiate with your creditors. Step two, save. Before you start negotiating
with your creditors, make sure you have enough
saved up in a savings account, otherwise you may run the risk of your creditors not accepting
your settlement offer. Step three, negotiate with your creditors. Once you have enough funds saved up, just call up your creditors
and have a conversation. Explain to them that you’re
in financial hardship and see if they will accept
your settlement offer. Calling my creditor now. (speaking gibberish) Hello, is this my creditor? (speaking gibberish) It’s great to meet you, I’m Ryan. (speaking gibberish) Well, I do have a little
bit of funds saved up, I’d like to offer a negotiation to see if I can settle
my creditor accounts. How does this sound? (speaking gibberish) Okay, great. If they accept your offer, then great. If they don’t, try to see what makes
sense for you and them so that way you guys
can come to an agreement on what settlement offer makes sense. Once they accept your settlement offer, it’s important to get your
settlement offer in writing. Step four, make your payments on time. Once your creditors accept
your settlement offer, it’s important to make sure that you make your payments on time. If you fail to make
your settlement payment, then they may put your
settlement offer in jeopardy. The good new is, is once you fully pay all
your settlement offer, you have officially resolved your debt. Thank you for watching. If you have found this video helpful, leave us a comment below with yes. If you haven’t, leave us
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