Hi! I’m Jillana Raye and I’m shooting this
video for you today from a beach in Uruguay South America because I’m
feeling such gratitude for where I am in life right now.
But when I was 50 I was first widowed and then bankrupt. I’d had a State job
for a couple years by then with a mediocre income and retirement but I
knew that wasn’t going to be able to provide me the lifestyle that I was
hoping for in the future… certainly not before I turned 70. Deferring life
until I was possibly too old to enjoy it, missing out on watching my family grow,
or being that distant grandma who sends ugly sweaters and money to my
grandchildren at Christmastime… and coming to the end of life never having
done the things that I want to do or visited the places that I want to go….. or
nurtured the relationships that are most important to me…. These are regrets that I didn’t want to have. So I decided that I would find just the right education that
would teach me the skills that I would need to leverage the Internet to build
an online business. I did my research and I found that the Six Figure Mentors
Digital Experts Academy to be miles ahead of any other online education
system out there. There are live and recorded trainings every day with
real-life people that you can connect with so that even though you’re in
business for yourself, you never have to feel like you’re by yourself. And since
the coaches and mentors are, themselves in the trenches every day working on
their own businesses you, never have to wonder whether the information is
outdated. And since 80 percent of the entrepreneurial journey is mental, they
cover that too! Mindset training is a big part of the program so that you can grow
into the best version of yourself… and so that you can become someone you’ve never been before so that you can have something you’ve never had before. I work full time now on my digital business and I literally can’t wait to get up every
day and get to work. I get to work on something that is meaningful to me;
something that has allowed me to even be present for the birth of my very first
grandchild! To travel more than I ever dreamed possible, and to feel every day a
sense of purpose and fulfillment. I literally don’t know where you can find
that anywhere else. If you’ve thought about making a change in your own life
and all of this sounds interesting to you, then I’m going to suggest that you
click the link in the video, enter your name and email address on the next page,
and then I’ll be able to send you a FREE Video Workshop series that’ll begin to
open your eyes to the mind-blowing possibilities. We don’t have to leave our
future in the hands of anyone else. We don’t have to wonder if Social Security
is even going to be around when it’s our turn. And we don’t have to follow the
status quo and work at unfulfilling jobs that really don’t serve us anymore.
There’s so much opportunity out there. And I want to share this with anyone
who’s willing to take a look at it and willing to do the work. I don’t believe
you watch this video to the end just because I’m interesting. If you’ve
listened this long, then I believe there’s something in your gut telling
you to investigate it further And since the Workshop Series is free, there’s
really no reason not to check it out. So click the link, enter your name and email
address on the next page, and I’ll look forward to talking to you soon. I’m Jillana Raye. Thanks for watching…..