How to stop drinking caffeine. Coming
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so that you don’t miss anything. A lot of patients ask is caffeine bad for you
well it kind of depends for some people it could be not a big deal at all and
for some people it could be devastating. Caffeine is a stressor on the body its
effect is similar to that of adrenaline which is a stress hormone so if you’re
reasonably healthy it’s not a big deal but if your adrenal glands are weak if
you have some adrenal fatigue then caffeine may be a really bad idea and if
some other glands are a little weak as well maybe your thyroid then there might
also be a good idea to cut back on the caffeine and a lot of people once they
start cutting back they try to just cut it out and then they feel terrible and
they have headaches and they can’t wake up and they feel miserable for a few
days until their body adjusts again so you don’t have to cut it out completely
what I would suggest is if you like coffee
then we near self off gradually find a good organic decaffeinated coffee and
then you mix it so in the beginning you mix 5050 regular and decaf and drink
your usual amount and then you do that for a few days and then you do 75% decaf
and 25% regular and you drink that for a few days and you wean yourself off until
you’re on decaf only and at that point you are no longer dependent on caffeine
your not going to get the headaches if you discontinue so if you really really
like the coffee then you could probably keep drinking the decaf coffee if you
want to get rid of it completely you can probably do that
at that point and not have any any negative effects from it so give that a
try and let me know how that works we don’t want you to feel miserable if you
can quit and not have any headaches great if you get the headaches then wean
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