Hi, hi, my name is Derek Soltis. I am one of the partners here at Patel Soltis and Cardenas I work in the bankruptcy Department. I mainly focus on bankruptcy So one of the questions we get here is: I lost my house in a tax lien foreclosure What can I do well? There’s the possibility of using a bankruptcy. A chapter 13 bankruptcy to be able to pull the property back in if it’s within 90 days There’s a 547 motion for Preferential answers even though it’s not fraudulent Basically, your one creditor now has basically taken all your equity it received a giant like boon Let’s say say the property is worth a million dollars. I put $100,000 into it. They now have your property They got nine hundred thousand dollars in equity. But all of your other creditors are left holding the bag They’ve got nothing nothing to show for it so a bankruptcy trustee can go out get that get the property pull it back into the bankruptcy and Then sell the property and then district this review At which point that’s gives you the opportunity that at that point to save your house pay off all your creditors So this is this is kind of a tricky maneuver I don’t recommend people trying it on their own if you find yourself in the situation Hopefully you’re talking with an attorney prior to the final judgment for the tax lien coming in However, if if you something went wrong talk to an attorney, it doesn’t have to be us Find somebody who understands bankruptcy and how to pull property back into into the estate after a tax lien foreclosure Thank you for your time. If you liked the video, please subscribe to like have a good day. Thanks