How to withdraw money from your account
in five simple steps Log into your account using your username, date of birth online password, and three digits from your secure number Any withdrawals
made from your account are sent to your nominated bank account. To check your
nominated bank account details or to set one up
select the account settings tab Then select withdrawals income and loyalty
bonus where you’ll have the option to add or amend a nominated bank account.
Once you submit your bank details we’ll send you a validation code that’s valid
for 21 days. Once you have received this code you can register it online in the
same withdrawals income and loyalty bonus tab. You’ll then be able to request
a withdrawal online. if you already have a nominated bank account setup you can now select the account you want to make a withdrawal from. Click on the cash tab and then on the right hand side of the screen select withdraw money. You’ll now
be shown the amount available for withdrawal. If you have recently placed a
trade you can leave a pending withdraw instruction at the bottom of this page. The cash proceeds from the sale will then automatically be paid out once it
is settled. To confirm your request enter your trading password and select confirm payments. You will then receive confirmation of the payment amount and the date that the cash will be available within your bank account