How to Withdraw/Drop Classes Tutorial:
Female Student navigator, Kennethia Westbrook: Hello and welcome to the tutorial on how to
drop or withdraw from classes at Central Georgia Technical College. So you are thinking of dropping or withdrawing
from one some or all of your classes. Before dropping or withdrawing from classes
please be sure to take full advantage of all services offered to you by CGTC. Have you spoken with your instructors concerning
your reason for dropping or withdrawing? There may be other options. Also check to see how this affects your academic
status. Have you checked with the business office
or financial aid office about how this will affect your aid in charges? Dropping or withdrawing from classes could
make you ineligible for financial aid for future semesters or require you to pay money
back. At this point if you feel it is absolutely
necessary to drop or withdraw from a class or classes, go to the link you see on your
screen. To login use your username and password. Your username will be your CGTC email address
before the @ sign. For example if your CGTC email address is
[email protected] Your username will be mtitan1. Your password will be your date of birth using
two digits for the month date and year. If your birth date is December thirty first
nineteen ninety nine your password will be 123199 after entering your username and password
select login. You are now in the student portal on the left
side of the page you will find the forms tab. Select the forms tab. Among the list you will find the drop classes
form. Select this link to access the form. The first part of the page discusses things
you should consider before dropping or withdrawing from classes to include possibly changing
your class time or location speaking with your instructor or taking advantage of tutoring
services. In the next section you will see your contact
information along with your program of study. You will not have the opportunity at this
point to change this information. You must complete the following to submit
the form. Reason for dropping, are you currently employed,
— use the drop down menu to select yes or no -, current employer, job title, do you
classes relate to your employment? Use the drop down menu to select yes or no. next select the class or classes in which
you wish to drop or withdraw from. Next enter your name for the signature field. Be sure to click on the submit application
button when you have finished entering the information. Withdrawal or dropping process times may vary
if you have questions please contact the registrar’s office at the number you see on the screen. This concludes the tutorial on how to drop
or withdraw from classes. Thank you for choosing Central Georgia Technical
College. Don’t forget to Like and subscribe. Have a great day.