(upbeat music) – [Instructor] If you need to
drop or withdraw from a class on your MyValley page click on My Links. Then choose register or drop classes. Select a term from the drop down menu and click submit. Select drop from the dropdown menu to the left of the course. Dropping a course removes
the course completely from your transcript and awards
a full refund automatically. After the drop period ends the dropdown menu will
only give you the option to withdraw the course. A withdrawn course will
remain on your transcript with a grade of W and no
refund will be issued. If neither option is available it may be to late to remove
yourself from the class. Check the deadline dates listed
on the Admissions website. If the deadline has not passed you will need to withdraw in person. You may come to either campus to withdraw prior to the deadline date. Once you’ve selected the courses to drop click Submit Changes. Exit, and close to return to MyValley.