Homemates, In this video, For the 2019 Version of how to transfer PayPal funds to GCash without transfer fee GCash had an update where you will not be able to withdraw USD balance from PayPal directly to GCash But there’s still a way I’ll teach you how Step 1, make sure your PayPal is linked to your GCash At the end of the video, we’ll show a quick sample to link PayPal and GCash Gcash had an update where, you will not be able to see your dollar balance here Especially, most of the funds you get from freelancing It’s mostly in USD so we still need to be able to withdraw that In order to withdraw your USD balance Go to your PayPal account We have 1,000 pesos Then $100 You can only see the 1,000 in your GCash For us to be able to withdraw the USD amount, We’ll convert it to peso To do that, either on your cellphone or computer, Go to the PayPal website, not the application Log in your account Click here, then manage currency On these three dots, In USD, click the dropdown Conver currency then choose Philippine Peso because that’s what GCash has Click on Next Here, the amount to be converted As a sample, 80 We have $100 available, we’ll convert just $80 Double check, USD to PHP Next Then Convert Now You converted $80 to 3,900 PHP Go back to the Summary You now have 4,900 in PHP You will now see that in your GCash account Let’s click back to update Click PayPal to GCash It’s now 4,900 That’s it Convert it first The application also has a new design Some thought they just couldn’t see it Click Cash In on your GCash homepage Remittances PayPal Enter the amount you will withdraw 4,900 Their minumum withdrawal has been updated too It’s now 500 pesos minimum It was only $1 ot 50 pesos before now, the minimum is 500 pesos Click on Next then click on Confirm It says, Your Cash In is being processed Please wait up to 24 hours Just wait up to 24 hours But right now, I already received a notification When I clicked on Cash In The “Transfer – Confirm” I received it I’m not sure if you can read it But we already received it You will see it once we close that Earlier, it was just 8 pesos. Now, it’s 4,900 There’s still no transfer fee In my experience, you’ll receive it instantly But there was just one time when I withdrew It didn’t reflect there instantly but I was able to receive it within 24 hours From my experience it’s instantly most of the time there’s still no transfer fee Before you connect your GCash to PayPal, or before you transferm Your GCash account should be fully verified You can transfer PayPal to Gcash even with no bank acc or debit/credit card linked to your PayPal GCash alone will do But there will come a time that you’ll need to connect debit/credit If you don’t have one yet, you can use this PayPal to GCash For first timers who have not linked PayPal to GCash yet, or have not watched part 1 of this video, the 2017 version Click on Cash In Remittance PayPal Once you’re on this screen This is what you’ll see This was pre-recorded This was last week when I connected my account You will enter the PayPal e-mail you use to log in Then click on Link below Your PayPal and GCash should not have any issue before linking Your PayPal account should also be a personal account If you don’t have PayPal, check our step-by-step video about that It should be personal and not business account that’s not allowed I got an error because this GCash account is already linked to my PayPal but if it’s just your first time you will not encounter this this error Click the link below On the next page Enter your PayPal e-mail address and the password Click on Authorize Click on Close and Continue If ever you encounter problem here in Close and Continue, that you can’t link your PayPal to Gcash, In the pinned comment, there are troubleshooting steps For me, the most effective way is to use other cellphone to link PayPal to GCash Once it’s linked, that’s it You’ll now be able to withdraw Click on Close and Continue PayPal account linking complete You will receive an e-mail saying, you have signed up for pre-approve payment plans That’s a confirmation that your PayPal and GCash are now linked That’s it 2019 I am still using GCash Although, there are some who experience problems with GCash Sometimes, when they cash in money from PayPal, it’s not reflecting on their GCash For that, wait up to 24 hours because it’s up to 24 hours But if it’s more than that, contact GCash That’s all GCash is still working It’s instantly most of the time with no transfer fee I always use GCash for PayPal funds Thank you for watching