hello and welcome to another episode of
the on the life of your dreams YouTube channel my name is Timesha I am so glad
to have you here with me today we are talking financial freedom and how we can
make it happen no longer being the slaves to the nine-to-five we are done
with slavery let’s get ourselves together financially so we do not have
to bow down to anybody else alright so that’s what this channel is
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videos so make sure you join me so today I am amped punks extremely excited
because I found out that I just paid off one of my credit cards zero baby and
they owe me money I am so amped and I have paid off one
and I think I got like what – what for to go even though my husband’s like well
we always gonna have credit cards so we’re not gonna worry about paying off
the rest of them but I’m definitely paying off three so I got one I got two
more to go so that’s three and so I am excited to share what has helped me do
this now here is my disclaimer I am not telling you to go to this company to get
debt consolidating not telling you that at all
why because it might not work out for you okay this might not be the program
for you you have to do your own research you have to find your own company that
will work for you I’m telling you would work for me why am I giving this
disclaimer two words plausible deniability what that means is you can’t
tell people that to me she told you to go out and purchase there’s some more
stuff and get yourself in debt and then go ahead and use that way to get
yourself out of debt and then purchase more debt and and continue the cycle
custom she did not to me not tell you the debt wave is the best
company for ever to use to become free financially because you didn’t tell you
that so we should tell you what is working for her and if you choose to use
that company by all means use it I am not getting any money from debt wave to
give this actual what is this review I’m not I’m not giving that waved is not
paying me if you sign up with that wave I do not give money so it’s up to you
totally this is totally unbiased I’m telling you what has worked for me and
if that works for you great fantastic if not then find something else that
will all right so that way let’s check it all right so that wave is a credit
counseling service all right so basically they do different things they
have a calculator they have outreach they have resources walks all sorts of
stuff but in their services they also offer debt consolidation in their debt
consolidation I believe is about $50 $75 something like that it might depend on
how much debt you have which at the time I did have a lot if you see my previous
video then you know that it was you know five years ago pretty much that I had a
whole bunch of credit card debt and I was basically paying the minimum or all
of them we were almost maxed out and my husband put his foot down and told me to
do something about it so that very day or the next day I got online and I
searched for programs that will help me consolidate my day and there were a lot
of them but I chose death wave number one because it’s a plus rated with the
Better Business Bureau and I like the way that they were talking and they got
back to making the quickest I mean it was pretty much as simple as that so
they told me five years ago would take me three years to get out of debt as you
can see that is a little discrepancy in the math but here it is I’m almost there
as far as credit card debt goes and I feel amazing matter-of-fact City right
now owes me money okay so how great is that
and at the time I believe when I started it doesn’t say on here at all
no at the time I guess I can look it up for you though let me move myself move okay so for whatever reason that wave is
not working right now but what we are what I had was about $10,000 worth of
credit card debt all right and that was about five years ago I believe it was in
March of 2014 it might have been four years ago but I think it was five years
ago March of 2014 and so now it is August of 2019 and I’ve already paid off
one and if everything continues to go right in the next couple of months
I’ll have paid off the other three and so basically they give you a statement
every month telling you basically everything that you owe and you have to
actually log in sometimes I have trouble with their login I don’t know why but
that’s my thing with them I have trouble with my login you also can see how much
you can save what that way by putting in all your information on your credit
cards they tell you exactly who they are and what they are about which is a great
company I haven’t had any problems with the money aspect the only issue is
sometimes if your payment ends how can I say this so if you have like the credit
card bill is due on the 20th and that way pulls the money out like on the 15th
but the 15th and or like is on a holiday or it is on the weekend sometimes they
don’t pull your money out of your account until the
18 the 19th and they don’t send it off to the credit-card companies until later
so if it’s later than the 20th looks like you are late in your payment and so
that has happened several months and so don’t worry it’ll all wash out so the
next month it look like you paid twice so it’ll all
wash work itself out but just know that that’s what’s happening that as long as
you are continuously paying it in minds is automatically drafted out of my
account so I don’t even have to worry about sending in a payment they
automatically take the money out so once they take the money out they’ve paid the
credit card bills I don’t even have to worry about it I just have to make sure
that there’s money in my account and so all that works out for me and right now
I have to say that I am a happy customer because I am about to be credit card
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anytime I dropped a new video thanks well credit card free from the ten
thousand dollars that I own now recently my husband and I have got another
another credit card because we needed to rent a car and for some reason they only
deal with credit cards they will let you pay with debit cards which is stupid to
me but we have become more disciplined my husband didn’t really have a credit
card spending problem he generally has been very very disciplined with the
credit card spending it was me that was the issue and so the stuff that has been
wrapped up on the new credit card it’s not really anything that I have done of
myself it’s been stuff that has been emergencies like the brakes have gone
out on my car the air conditioning has gone out on my car twice I know and it’s
a brand new won’t lose a brand new for me but the air conditioning went out
twice and so sometimes we had to use the credit card through no fault of our own
but if we had an emergency fund we wouldn’t have to use it so now I’m in
the process of trying to build so when things arise like this and this
will definitely help when this is paid off in a couple months I can start
sending money that money to an actual account that will help build our
emergency fund so when emergencies happen we don’t go
to the credit card we go to the fund and that is what the whole goal of all of
this is to be financially free and so that way I say is a great night let me
stop this year because I can’t show you anything anyway so that way this is a
great company like I said it is gotten me to the point of becoming financially
free credit card wise especially in a time where I was very very scared about
how I was going to pay these credit card bills because I had racked up so much
and at the time I was making twenty thousand dollars less and so I didn’t
have the funds to even pay more than the minimum which is a no-no you need to pay
more than the minimum if you’re planning on getting out of credit card debt
within 15 years but also if you are building it this is the caveat to that
if you are building an emergency fund or building your investing fund then paying
the minimum is okay until you have built up a certain amount of money in your
emergency fund then you can start dumping money into pay off those credit
card bills because it’s better to have a fund than to be paying off credit card
bills because you will have them for a little while depending on how much
you’ve racked up on them whereas if you have nothing when some emergency
happened you have to automatically go to the credit cards to pay it then you have
just wasted your time and money paying the credit cards so definitely
prioritize the emergency fund definitely comes first
credit cards you’ll pay them off eventually and if you have enough money
coming in and you make it your money’s making you money you can take that
interest or the money that you’re getting from the money making money
and help pay off your credit cards sooner so definitely definitely a great
option I love that wave but find something that works for you so
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