♪ Bymaster Bankruptcy, makes it easy to file bankruptcy ♪ Okay John, what do you think about
the timing of divorce in bankruptcy? Well, a lot of our clients when they
come in are anticipating having to file divorce and bankruptcy, so a lot of time they ask
me about timing or do I need to wait or do I do them at the same time. Well, sometimes that can be a complicated issue but usually it isn’t. Generally, if both spouses are
in agreement that they want to file bankruptcy, they probably should go ahead and do that as soon as possible and probably before they file divorce because that’s one less issue
that you don’t have to worry about in a divorce. Now, other time it can be a little
more complicated situation where one spouse want to file and another spouse doesn’t
want to file. So that can get a little more intricate, but generally you just want to
set it up in a situation where you’re not going to liable for your spouses debt. That helps a lot, thanks John.