Who’s that?
Who’s there?
What you want? Police.
We’ve had some complaints About con men
pretending to be
blind and crippled. Oh, I’d love
to help you, man, But I ain’t seen nothing
since I stepped
on that landmine In vietcong back in ’72. It was rough,
very painful. You were in nam?
So were we. Where? I was in sang bang,
dang gong. I was all over that place,
basically a lot of places,
a lot of places. What unit were you in? I was with
the green berets, Special unit battalion’s
commando airborne tactics Specialist tactics
unit battalion. Yeah, it was
real hush-hush. I was agent orange.
That was my name,
agent orange. Special agent orange,
that was me. Airborne, huh? I can see! I can see! I have… I have legs. I have…
Oh shit, look at this. Man! I can walk. Jesus, praise jesus. I appreciate this.
Oh, this is beautiful. I can’t believe…
Thank you. I just don’t know
what to do. It’s… Glory be to god.
Praise jesus. Look at me. This is too much.
I can’t believe it. You’re beautiful.
Listen, I can’t thank you. First moses, now this.
God, jesus… Oh, baby, look at me. I’m so happy. Oh, god.
Look at me, this is too much. What a happy day.
What a happy day! Really,
I appreciate it, y’all.