My husband got out of the army and due to
his mental health he became poorly So the money that we were paying and living off
before we ended having to go down to benefits money because he had no work and things spiraled out
of control really. You block off. I had two children to think
about and my husband to think about. I just put the letters to one side hoping they’d
go away. Bailiff at the door. They’d just coming knocking,
it was Council tax. It was very scarey, between us there was £44,000
worth of debt So when you’ve got two children and no job,
it’s a hell of a lot of money to try and claw back So I searched several websites and then I
came across Citizens Advice. I phoned the national number and I got through
to somebody on the phone who was lovely – who assured me everything was going to be OK.
Got me an appointment with a lovely lady. Who sat down and went through all our priority
debts and non-priority debts. Tried to look at different plans. We were living on next to nothing because
we didn’t actually know we were entitled to other benefits. It was nice to know that I had someone to
call if something came through the letterbox that I wasn’t expecting. If anything that saved our family. Saved our
relationship. It saved me as a person because I was able to realise that there is help out
there and it wasn’t just me on my own.