let’s go try some TV yeah boys where did it get rid of my Rin set what the fuck was that boosted monkey 69 yeah I love how they said they’re gonna put these emotes in but the point of them is to not be BM well like what the fuck else are you gonna do it this guy got the art cane coming he’s gonna fucking call down a star and then fucking call down a fucking comment at the same time what the hell all right I haven’t marked I wonder if you just run the attack speed thing on leash until it’s so fucking good I feel like you might as well why so this does give two stacks of press the attack and since it stacks like indefinitely hmm this is it stacks indefinitely I probably could do something like crazy shit with that huh once like teamfights and stuff happen oh no oh he hit me with the fucking comet did I leave me alone I don’t want to fight that guy oh my god it finished right when I throw my name out of my pingu the penguin trap forth two of these wow I can I guess I was about to uh actually no yeah and just throw in an extra one dude why not just put me in the red who gives a fuck wait this fucking futures markets just so fucking good it’s like you never fall behind except you do because it puts the gold cosplay it just puts man- gold feels bad man they actually really like the futures market thing I don’t know how good it is but it’s pretty fucking good I think no oh I was so close there to that one this press the attack shit actually doesn’t seem that good cuz like realistically in a teamfight am I really gonna be able to get that many autos off on the same person plus how much ad does it even give me cuz this is basically fervor except the shittier forever like a lot shittier of the fervor because if i switch targets I lose the stacks yeah I usually press the attacks fucking terrible while over five stacks I do gain six percent more damage but it’s all again I have to be Auto attacking the same fucking champion over and over again I would much rather have fervor than this this thing feels like such a fucking downgrade damn I said they’ll live damage hey he didn’t emote while dead how come I can’t do a mouse while dead I can’t tell if I’m actually keeping the stacks and uh I guess I saw oh when switching targets one of your stat okay oh yeah actually well that’s not that bad none I guess that’s okay yeah I guess it’s tax on Leslie too which is pretty fucking okay yeah with tanks and shit they’ve become a lot easier to deal with for someone like Lucien it takes so many fucking hits to kill a tank if you get press the attack you can just beat the tank down for like a fuckin eternity and then have like a million fucking damage that’s pretty good I’m only getting 29 ad from that if only pressed the attack worked on creeps that’d be fuckin godlike except every breath in his fuck show math seven stacks let me stack up I got all my stack feels bad man I thought I’d be at so many more stacks right there than I was though I was hoping to be out like 20 stacks as I fuckin seven it was only a seven stacks room page one I want we go tempo sure can I change this shit no no whatever yeah actually there’s not that many choices to make with this shit huh I’m like trying to reinvent the wheel I’m like I’m gonna do some crazy shit this game check this out and then it’s like well I mean they definitely had a plan in mind with these because these are pretty defined and you can’t really be reading like some random shit with something else guard allies within 175 units of you and guard allies you target with spells where they the same so fucking good I wasn’t 75 range is like nothing actually we have to basically be stacked up on one another all right oh my gosh fuck man if I had a little more gold I could get my fucking uh I forget my boots that’d be so good to thing I can go in dead now can I go in debt for a fucking refillable tin how much more dead do I need I need minus ten right or some shit yeah hey let’s go going more that this is pyro all the money yeah I actually think that bitch is pretty fucking good though huh I got a lot of attack speed this lethal temple1 just seems so much better than all the others the 30% attack speed at level 1 that shit just seems so fucking good the thing is the Keystone’s are so strong and that you can’t really go some random Keystone or you just get fucking run over yeah I actually don’t do that much damage cuz I don’t have forever I’ll probably have to run the forever or whatever yeah I think I’d have to run forever huh let me not go in there for this fucking item that can weigh at two seconds for that wonder how this dead things gonna work I wonder if they’re gonna be people people in like bronze five are gonna take the dead thing because they can’t farm and then they’re gonna buy like for individual potions with the debt limit and then go into leg debt 200 fucking gold D for fucking four pots that’s gotta be fucking legit I can’t wait for that I need potions dude I gotta go in today and I had a fucking god dammit I can’t really tell how like detrimental it is to go into debt by fifty gold be there because this is just PB a game so they just seem like they just such a one-sided stumps either way that I could go into debt like fucking five hundred bills because I’ll be the sick shit anyways yeah I actually think the debt rings pretty good though like no troll it’s actually not bad just because it lets you uh oh my god just cuz it lets you buy items that you wouldn’t normally be able to get a pretty decent Wow he annihilated that guy what the fuck was that damage I let me stand on top of my support [Music] yeah this lethal temple shit doing that makes me attack really fast I’m pretty sure it’s not very good on Calista I love attacking really fast probably hadn’t not the cost of all my damage these motherfuckers take forever to kill also presents of – fucking useless ad sign with the new runes oh yeah I wonder if there’s rooms for ad sound maybe 80 sign actually becomes busted actually no cuz there’s no storm Raiders for him anymore 80 signs fucking trash no you can’t storm writer so you can’t go really fast when you’re undead for them because the only ones phase-shift I think and you have to hit three unique abilities and you have punch have I been used mini flash yet no this hex flash is fucking useless this is like a support thing because if you’re a support you can get angles with your ganks with hex flash or hell even if you’re a jungler you can use it but as a fucking ad I never want to go for like flanks so being able to hex flash over a walls fucking pointless for me if I was a jungler and I wanted to gank like top or some shit if this shit wasn’t up I could just like hex flash over this wall here and it’d be pretty fucking good but I’m not a jungle air and as an ad I probably don’t want a hex flash over a fucking wall the gig so big it’s pretty useless on man [Music] [Music] that bitch is coming from over there what is this fuck you Jim here where is this fucker thousands of slave child waking on YouTube videos I go make some YouTube videos it oh my god they eat shot my foot – fuck efficient you what shot that guy though did they a murdered man goodbye I’ll try a tease yeah I feel like everything that’s like late-game care everything that’s already good will probably be so much better now with lethal tempo [Applause] [Music] [Applause]