a documentary about debt When you were little what did you think you will become when you grow older What did you think you’ll be like in general What did you want to do? I want to make a documentary about the word Debt Debt Debt But what is moral debt these days? Debt What you have to give. Our duty to.. Not emphasising on ¨duty¨ ..to put ourselves out there in a certain way Emphasising on ¨it would be a pitty not to¨ A documentary about The opposite of debt Theatre A debt that is stuck on my brain Or on my feet and I feel it when I walk Debt? It means to get up here on this stage and make people laugh! Since the global crisis I’m not thinking of what I should! I don’t know if I’m thinking of something specific But my stomach kind of shrinks! Yes, debt, it doesn’t sound good! It’s the same type of word like ¨Homeland¨ is! I think I also had a positive meaning of the word But I forgot it. Maybe it will come back to me. I see everything as a debt For the simple reason that I live among people. Yeah, right! Right! Right! We believe too often that other people owe us. From a student who just graduated To already established directors Poor people! The most opressed! Everybody involved in the artistic process. Well, this is the toilet! We’ll ask all of them what their biggest debt is Anybody said he has a duty to the country? We’ll follow them around visit them at their homes and then we’ll go underground where we will see The essence of love! Why and for how much longer independent artists continue to invest in their own art How much money? If you are a lucid and rational person you can’t think of money when you work independent Not to mention my predestined name LEFTER (broke) All the production and actors fees Are covered from the box office! The Money issue is a sad one, you know very well Don’t say that, is not nice. I know. I wasn’t trying to say something nice but true. Instead of going up, this country sinks into a abyss that we’re yet to realise. How things work. Independent shouldn’t mean you’re on your own. You’re not an outsider. You are part of the theatrical system. It’s just that you’re working with a different type of resources. I’m sure that I wouldn’ve have travelled so much and experience so much If I was working for a state institution. What makes them get up in the morning.. What makes up get up in the morning? Many things! I’m reffering to theatre only! Theatre.. Oh.. That’s about it. You trying to do your duty You put your bones, destiny, liver and everything at the stake And someone comes and says IT’S WRONG This is a tragic reality!