a subtotal is the sum of two or more
items usually the items are summed because they belong to the same category
the subtotal is then summed with other subtotals and we subsequently arrive to
the total for example the subtotal that you see
here aggregates the group of fixed assets
this subtotal is later summed with other subtotals in order to arrive to total
assets subtotals are useful because they help us organize more clearly the
financial statements that we are using calculating growth percentage we want to
understand how certain drivers changed historically because history can be a
good indicator of the future in order to calculate the year-on-year growth that
was experienced by a given parameter we can use the following formula current
value divided by previous value minus 1 in the example that you see we would
have the value for 2012 divided by the value for 2011 minus 1 this is the
growth that we realized going from 2011 to 2012 quite intuitively when we want
to increase a value by a percentage we can multiply the previous value by 1
plus the growth percentage