What are insurance-linked securities (ILS)?
Advantages & benefits of ILS for investors. Apart from natural catastrophe, ILS instruments
for aviation, marine, life insurance risks also
offer investors attractive diversification
& return benefits. How can ILS managers manage risk?
Where ILS managers have an edge over insurers.
Why Secquaero was not hit by the big 2011 Japan earthquake. How is Secquaero different from other ILS managers?
Founders have true track record of innovation in ILS. How will the ILS sector grow?
The role of emerging countries.
Reinsurers forced to tap capital markets.
Regulators increasingly look at risk-based capital. Secquaero’s Capacity.
Which type of investors are most interested in ILS?
Why Secquaero does not invest in life settlements,
but prefer life portfolio transactions. Why now is potentially a good time to invest in ILS.