hello my name is Edward Maguire and I’m an Fellow of the
Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK) I have developed a suite of gap analysis
tools covering Solvency II, primarily Pillar 2 focusing on Governance, Fitness and
Probity Internal Audit, Internal Controls
Actuarial function own risk & solvency assessment (ORSA)
enterprise risk management framework and internal model application process readiness assessment on the right of the screen what you can see right now is a summary of the output from the
internal audit gap analysis tool and what I’m going to do is walk you through the steps needed to
produce this report every app has the same layout structure and functionality it’s just the
questions database that differs in each case. So I’m running the simulator which covers the iPad I’m going to do a walk through of the basic app structure loading up the APP you can see there’s a home
screen support section GAP analysis scoresheet – which is
where most work is carried out List of scores for each item that has been scored, Summary output which is
currently blank because we have yet to do anything and
Instructions so hopefully the menu items are pretty
self-explanatory as to what they do, the about and support section
has contact info and you can click on the website link and that will bring up the website and
tap to compose an email like so. okay turning to the gap analysis so this area is where most of the work is carried out you have, you know, the top level issue the sub issue and then scoring item which is what you;re actually scoring against and you can tap on the segmented control
to select the score Tap reset to cancel that score. you can adjust the
weight given to score by adjusting the slider so this allows you to give different
weights to different issues. you can type in a
commentary here and you can type in the trail location for evidence here. so it could be a
website could be data room could be a network location. Text or links from other documents such as emails can be cut copied and pasted into this
document so you either copy a link copy text and then paste it in like so you can then progress through the questions by swiping left or right or clicking on the clicker at the bottom like so to carry out the work the app stores the commentary and data for presentation later in the PDF report
and also sums up the scores applies the weights to come up with a total
weighted score. let’s look at the score by item screen so it’s got a list of the scores it’s got a list of the issues and the weights for each score, good
for seeing distributions of the scores and for keeping track of the work carried out here’s the summary screen so this is
where the results are presented this can be
hooked up to slide projector and be used as a centerpiece for discussion. if you tap
down here on report PDF that will give you the option to open
the report in iBooks like so then go to iBooks and you’ll see your
reporter is there clicking on you have the option to share either by email or print. right now there’s
not much there in the summary because only one item has been scored. so to carry
out the work we just need to set up some initial
information so go into the settings, clicking on
internal audits you can see this has lots of information
displayed it has an about section, you have details on
the company or firm being assessed, you have details on the
assessor then you’ve got details on the scoring
so here you can input the company name XYZ insurance company limited, contact
name this is the person to whom you’re addressing the
analysis title and the email address I’ve pre-filled these already gap assessor information and who they’re
working for and whether or not the opinion is an
internal on external one. you can change the text for any of the scores like so so if we go back into the app you should see that information has been
updated previously that would have been a blank the report is now addressed to that company and
it’s flowed all the way through we look at the scores select three we can see the text has
changed okay so let’s produce some dummy scores just to show
you how the app works. so we’ll get a good selection of
all the various different colours and so on and bringing you on to the summary screen you
can see pie chart now reflects weighted average position we’ll bring up the open in iBooks PDF report option the report will look something like
this: first few pages introductory firm details contact details who has carried out the work and so on, next page has the summary breakdowns and so on and after that you have detailed analysis for every single score for b2b implementations the questions database can be amended to
suit the needs of the client! It just remains for me to say
thank you very much for your time please feel free to get in touch via the
contact page on the website thank you