It’s rare that you can find partners that
want to work together in financial services. It can sometimes be competitive, almost to
a fault. When I look at the organizations that we have
here and their approach to the community, their commitment to their clients, I know
that we can work together and deliver a comprehensive solution that makes sense. We currently don’t have the ability to provide
financial planning or wealth management or 401k retirement type services, currently. This gives us that opportunity to fill that
gap. We don’t have to answer the question of, “Hey,
can you help me with a financial plan?” by saying, “No, we don’t offer that service.” Now we can say, “Hey, we do that. Here’s our person. Give them a call or let me set up an appointment
for you.” Hausmann-Johnson’s always been a full service
firm. This sort of aligns with benefits in terms
of corporate financial protection that Clint can provide to our clients. So, there’s a synergy there where we can say,
“Hey, we know someone that maybe can handle 401k management and help you guys have a vision
in place in terms of helping your employees.” I think from a client perspective the broad
range of solutions that we can deliver I think is vast. I don’t see anything like it in the state
and I think it’s a very appealing thing for clients to have access to the tools that we
can deliver them. All three of us have a stake in the success
of the company.