It possible to keep the insolvency of my
company entirely private? There are different types of insolvency that a
company may be subject to, it could be an administration, it could be a
liquidation, it could be in a company voluntary arrangement. The administration
and liquidation are more public in that any documentation being sent out from
the company and is website emails etc it should make people that are dealing with
it aware that it is in either administration or liquidation, whereas a
CVA it’s not entirely private in the fact that the company is in CVA
can be discovered from searching its record at Companies House, on a
day-to-day basis it doesn’t need to put either on its website or in its other
official stationery that it is subject to a CVA the main people that would know
that a company is subject to CVA are those creditors who are bound by that
CVA who have had their their debts compromised by that process with the