For 40 years Jim Adler’s fought for injured Texans rights. Now Jim Adler can fight for you too. We built this law firm to last for the people we help. We have four offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Channelview to serve Texans. We have over 25 attorneys and more than 300 people in legal support to tackle cases big and small. I know an injury is a huge cost that can be life-changing. That’s why I won’t let insurance companies avoid paying what they owe. The insurance company is all about numbers. They want to keep their numbers down. If Jim Adler doesn’t help who will? Big insurance companies try to deny, delay or underpay clients. People like you. Don’t be a victim twice. You’ve already been a victim in this catastrophic injury or in this accident or in losing a loved one. Do not allow the adjuster or the insurance company or the defense attorney, to take advantage of you to give you less. From first contact to a final settlement, Jim Adler & Associates handles cases with persistence, patience and respect for clients. It starts when people contact the firm, which you can do now by phone or the internet. I want our clients to get paid for a whole basket full of benefits including lost wages, medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering. How much will such legal help cost? You may be surprised. We don’t charge anything for your case review. And if you hire us, you owe us nothing up front. In fact we aren’t paid unless we win your case. You may know Jim Adler only from his TV ads but what’s he like in person? I’m a Texas native and a U.S. Army and Navy veteran. I’m also a family man and I love kids. I love Mr. Adler as an individual. He is impressive. I love the way he handles his law firm and I love the Mr. Adler cares about his clients. Jim Adler cares about his staff too. We have a lot of employees that have stayed here a long time and I attribute it to the family atmosphere. That family includes son Bill Adler, an attorney who joined the law firm in 2011. Bill is just a chip off the old block. Bill is the one that’s going to eventually take over the firm and it’s nice to see that the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. It would be a great future. But Jim Adler’s not going anywhere. He’s here to help you today and tomorrow. Jim Adler reviews every single file that walks into this law firm. He listens to all the cases. He does you know, feel compassion, for the people that he’s representing. But when fighting for clients, Jim Adler is indeed the tough, smart lawyer. You don’t want “Mr. nice guy” for your lawyer. You want a tough, smart lawyer who will fight for you. I’m not here to help billion-dollar insurance companies get another billion dollars. I’m here to fight for injured Texans. I want them to get paid what they deserve. I’m determined to win those fights!